Ideal Browns Offseason IMO *Update*

Early Cuts-

D'Qwell Jackson-Already cut

Ahtyba Rubin-With so much D-Line depth, Rubin is expendable and would boost us up 6 million in cap room.

Davone Bess-Bad play and off the field problems make him expendable

Jason Campbell-Everyone knows what Campbell is like after 1-2 games

Players to Resign

T.J. Ward(franchise 8 million)-A hard hitting safety isn't hard to find but one who can cover like ward is.

Alex Mack(5 years, 40 million)-Mack is arguably more important then Ward. He is essentially the quarterback of the offensive line. If he really wants to come to Cleveland, he will take 8 million a year even though he can get more elsewhere.

Craig Robertson(1 year, 700,000)-This is debatable but Robertson is a quality player. He is abused in pass coverage but keeping him around as depth wouldn't be bad. I doubt anyone believes he can start so this is about his max contract.

Players to sign(contracts are the max we should pay)

Sam Shields(4 years, 30 million)-Sam Shields is a great corner who just broke out this year. He should command around this number because he isn't incredibly proven. The Browns need to sign a player who's close to a tier 1 corner because Joe Haden needs to be extended.

Geoff Schwartz(3 years, 11 milion)-Schwartz has a connection in Cleveland. Putting him at right guard would improve our running game immediately.

Darren McFadden(1 year, 4 million)-Signing McFadden to a one year prove it contract should be worth it. He probably won't be the long term answer but putting him in a rotation could be valuable.

Perry Riley(4 years, 24 million)-Riley should be a good pick up if you make this contract mostly based on incentives. The Browns should pick up one free agent and use two draft picks on ilb.

Kenny Britt(1 year, 5 million)-Britt has tons of potential but he's never capitalized on it. He'll serve as depth mostly as we acquire more assets at the receiver position.


1.4 Sammy Watkins- I've heard the Browns are going elsewhere with the 4th pick but I don't know where.

1.26 Derek Carr-The Browns like Carr now which isn't surprising considering he's thought of as a talented, mature leader, which Manziel is only one of.

2.3 David Yankey-John Greco should be replaced before Mitchell Scwhartz. Yankey is the second best guard in the class behind Su'a-Filo.

3.7 Yawin Smallwood-Smallwood should be able to take over and become a leader in the Browns defense.

3.19 Stanley Jean-Baptiste- If one of our starting corners goes down again, hopefully we'll have some more depth so we don't get destroyed in the second half of the game(Patriots game)

4.6 Jeremy Hill-Could end up being our work horse running back if he can stay clean off the field.

4.27 Christian Jones-He can play as a DE, OLB, or ILB but ILB is probably his best position.

5.5 Jay Prosch-Devaluing the fullback position is stupid. Getting a guy like Prosch who can open up running lanes for our back would be great.

6.4 Vinnie Sunseri-Adding safety depth is important. Sunseri was considered a 3-4 prospect before his injury.

7.3 Jeff Janis-Janis is somewhat of a project at the time but he could grow into a great wide out eventually.

Contract Extensions

Joe Haden-Arguably the new leader on the defense

Phil Taylor-If Rubin is cut, Taylor needs to be retained

Jordan Cameron-Cameron is our best red-zone target so keeping him would be great. However, I don't think he's a top 5 tight end so he shouldn't be paid like one.

I don't know what these players will command but they all need to be resigned.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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