Do Or Die Time

For the first time, in a long time iam genuinely thrilled with what we did in free agency. Except for a few bargain bin players(i do like Richie Incognito though) i cant imagine us signing anybody else. So its time to shift attention towards something ive been waiting for since Hoyer went down, the draft. I used Fanspeak mock draft to put this together, im a little biased since i made it but i think it fairs pretty well. Are you ready?

RD:1 PK:4, The Cleveland Browns select Sammy Watkins WR

The unanimous number 1 receiver in the draft. How often have we been in this position, and actually taken the guy. He's fast but not the size of little Tavon Austin, hes 6-1 burns corners, has sure hands, good not great route running. Good No.1 option but even better when you team him up with Flash Gordon.

RD:1 PK:26, The Cleveland Browns select Antonio Richardson OT

Im willing to admit when i don't know much about players and this is one of those guys. But the idea of playing him at RT and moving Mr. Schwartz to RG. Whoever you think is going to be playing QB next year you have to protect him.

RD:2 PK:35, The Cleveland Browns select Stanley Jean-Baptise CB

I suspect that this might be the pick most people disagree with. Gilbert, Denard, and Fuller where already gone. None the less though im happy with this pick. His Size(6-3) makes him the big boy of the secondary, he has skill and even he doesn't win the 2nd spot right away he will. Investing in him should also make Joe Haden happy with the offseason.

RD:3 PK:71, The Cleveland Browns select Christian Jones ILB

When would i game plan for Dqwell's replacement, the moment i thought we would get great value out of the pick. I believe i represent Browns fans well when i say NOBODY WANTS TO SEE CRAIG ROBERTSON START AGAIN! Que 6-4, 240 LB Mr. Jones. not only will he take pressure off of Dansby but i see a centerpiece/ and future Pro-bowler in Jones.

RD:3 PK:83, The Cleveland Browns select Carlos Hyde RB

Cleveland Signed Ben Tate, Edwin Baker showed promise, but Hyde is on his own planet. Dudes a brute who's deceptively fast. Standing at 6-0, 230 LB he could give us a 3-headed monster in Cleveland. If Tate falters it also provides us with some insurance. Not mention the fan appeal as he played at Ohio State.

RD:4 PK:102, The Cleveland Browns select A.J. McCarron QB

Im sure a few groans were let out as i choose the oft looked down McCarron. He's a proven winner though, and this new Cleveland offense should be enough for anyone to win in. He appears to be the most Pro ready and reminds me of Alex Smith.

RD:4 PK:123, The Cleveland Browns select Michael Sam DE

People choose to call him Michael Sam the football player. They seem to forget that he was SEC defensive player of the year, you don't get that for nothing. The beast pass-rusher he was in college should transition fairly well if you play him correctly. Imagine him as OLB/DE used on 3RD down situations while continuously being developed.

RD:5 PK:133, The Cleveland Browns select LaDamian Washington WR

6-4, that height makes him intriguing add in the fact he runs a 40 low of 4.35. 5th round seems like the perfect time to invest in another potential Play-Maker. He reminds me of Gordon, plus with Watkins now on the team he wont be forced into the starting lineup. Hopefully he doesn't hang out with Greg Little too much.

RD:6 PK:164, The Cleveland Browns select J.C. Copeland FB

Last season reminded me how far away the days of Lawrence Vickers really are. Thats probably the thing i hate most about Pat Shurmurs tenure in Cleveland. I love Obie but the dude just wasn't born to play FB. At 6-1, 272 LB's J.C. is the real deal to pave the way for what ever RB emerges and keeping Hoyer upright.

RD:7 PK:195, The Cleveland Browns select Dri Archer RB

Now the stables are getting a little crowded, but unlike last year this one's full of talent. He doesn't have brute force and is a generous 5-8 but he has the one thing you cant teach, speed. He runs a 4.26 40, a 4.26 on a bad day. Im not saying he should be a main back but rather in the role of Travis Benjamin. Benjamin and Archer as the two return men. Thats a thought i salivate at.

No Manziel? It may be putting all our eggs in the same basket, but Hoyer looked capable last year of handling that offense which only had JC, and Flash. McCarron is already efficient but gets to sit and learn how to run an NFL offense without feeling the pressure of being a franchise QB right away. Most are quick to shoot down any idea featuring A.J. but any prospect could falter so its tough for criticism to continue before careers have even begin. Manziel is the one commonly talked about when failing in transition, but Bortles has been taking some flak to. Wether its Hoyer, Manziel, McCarron, or Jameis Winston next year this offense should be good enough that anyone can win. Like New England with Cassel, or Chicago and McCown. Football is still after all a team game.

Back to when i casually named dropped Famous Jameis. If this draft didn't work out and im the biggest idoit in the world, well at least Winston is available next year. He is undoubtedly great but id rather have that as a Plan C that never reaches the light of day.

Disagree, feel free. Im willing to adjust picks if there is another player available i feel offers great value. Just leave it in the comments below. once again i used Fan-Speak mock draft to put this together.

3 Defense 6 Offense 1 Special Teams

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