My Walter Football Browns Mock (Format Fixed)

Like many of you, I have played the draft simulators online such as Fanspeak and First-Pick but I find these unrealistic at times. I thought I would try a mock draft for the Browns using Walter Football's mock posted today. The rules for the mock were simple. First, I can only select players that have not been taken by other teams previous to my pick. Second, I cannot scroll through the rounds to see who is left to plan out future picks. I am treating this as the picks are happening live and I am in charge of the draft. Below are the results, and my explanation for each selection....

Round 1, Pick 4- Teddy Bridgewater, QB - With the first three picks being Bortles, Clowney, and Mack, I sprint to the podium to take our QBOTF. Walter has us taking Watkins, but that isn't happening if I'm in charge. Teddy has been the top prospect at QB all year long and did nothing to change my opinion of him. His "bad" pro day means nothing to me. This pick instantly makes the Browns a better team overnight. From draft tracker...

Extremely competitive and driven to succeed. Well-prepared and confident in his approach. Operated a pro-style, progression-read offense where he is asked to scan the whole field and set protections. Footwork is very clean and in rhythm -- throws on balance with sound mechanics, a fluid delivery and smooth stroke. Very good timing, touch and anticipation -- throws receivers open. Is patient working through his reads and will step up in the pocket. Sells play-action hard and takes what the defense gives him. Poised in the face of the blitz and often anticipates it coming. Is very mentally and physically tough -- played through a broken left wrist with a sprained ankle in what was essentially the 2012 Big East championship game, coming off the bench to captain the Cardinals to a come-from-behind victory. Is a student of the game with a very good understanding of football concepts. Plays like a coach on the field, knows the responsibilities of everyone on the field and can get teammates lined up correctly. Makes few mental errors. Consistently moves the chains and converts in critical situations. Is given a lot of autonomy to make pre-snap reads and adjustments at the line of scrimmage and understands how to exploit defenses. Meticulous in his preparation. Has a passion for the game and really works at it. Smart, determined and focused. Is only 21 years old -- incredibly mature for his age and can see the big picture. Really works at his craft and showed gradual improvement every season. Football is extremely important to him. Highly respected, unselfish team leader.

Round 1, Pick 26- Xavier Su'a-Filo, OG- Walter has us taking Johnny Manziel here, but I don't think he slides to us and I wouldn't take that chance. Instead I select the top interior OL in this draft class. Su'a-Filo is atheletic and has spent time at guard and tackle. We plug him into the right guard position whee he is a big upgrade over what we had last year. Other choices I considered with this pick were Ryan Shazier, Louis Nix, Allen Robinson, and Jordan Matthews. From tracker...

Quick out of his stance. Effective pass blocker -- can bend his knees, extend and mirror in short area. Generates movement in the run game. Can work his hips and maneuver to gain positioning. Good foot athlete. Can pull, trap, combo block and step to the second level. Durable three-year starter. Has played guard and tackle.

Round 2, Pick 35- Jordan Matthews, WR- Walt has us going with Su'a-Filo with this pick, who I took at the end of round 1. Instead I take the SEC all-time recieving leader. Matthews ran a much faster 40 time than many thought he would and just looked impressive from watching the WR drills at the combine. His tape backs up his stats and combine numbers. Teddy is going to have options to throw to with Gordon, Matthews, Hawkins, and Cameron running routes. Throw in a decent run game to keep teams honest and our offense looks much better this year. Other choices I considered were Allen Robinson, Jimmie Ward, Jace Amaro, and Marcus Martin. From draft tracker...

Good length. Big zone target. Good form as a route runner. Sinks his hips and pops out of breaks. Concentrates, tracks and adjusts. Soft hands and sticky fingers. Has leaping ability to compete in the air. Opens up his stride in the clear and shows nice long speed. Good field awareness. Gives effort as a blocker. Competes and plays with intensity. Tough and intelligent. Lined up outside and inside and has punt-return experience. Team captain and four-year starter with record-setting production.

Round 3, Pick 71- Christian Jones, ILB- Walt has us taking Jones also. I agree that after going offense with our first three picks it is time to help out the Defense a little. Jones would fit in with Dansby at ILB. I was hoping Borland would slide, as I think he would be a great fit in our defense, but he went in the second round. Other choices were Gabe Jackson, Joel Bitonio, Shayne Skov, Pierre Desir, Rashaad Reynolds, and Charles Sims.

Looks the part. Physical tackler. Highly athletic. Fast and rangy -- flows laterally and chases sideline to sideline. Willing to take on lead blocks. Drops easily into zone and gets depth. Able to match with tight ends in coverage. Versatile -- has played Will, Sam and defensive end. Looked more explosive off the edge as a senior. Uses his arms and hands to press, tug and rip free. Good flexibility and agility to flatten and shows closing burst to the quarterback. Four-down utility and core special-teams potential. Tough, durable, three-year starter. Loves football and works at it.

Round 3, Pick 83- Joel Bitonio, OT, OG- Walter has us taking Cameron Fleming OT, but I want some versitlity from an OL with this pick. Bitonio can play guard or tackle like Su'a Filo. Here is his write up on draft tracker...

Plays with vinegar and seeks to bury defenders -- nasty finisher who runs his feet on contact and consistently blocks defenders off the screen. Extremely tough and durable. Highly versatile -- can play any position on the line. Outstanding personal character and football character -- work ethic, leadership and responsibility are all exemplary.

Definitely sounds like someone I want to compete with Greco or Schwartz for a starting job, at worst he is a super sub all along the O-line.

Round 4, Pick 106- Rashaad Reynolds, CB- Walter has us taking Marcus Smith, DE. With this pick we bring in a CB to compete with Skrine for the #2 CB role. Reynolds was productive at Oregon St. and is the best remaining CB in my opinion. Here is his write up on

Very good football-playing instincts. Good eyes, anticipation and awareness. Extremely athletic. Transitions easily with loose hips and clean footwork. Quick, agile and light on his feet. Aggressively fills vs. the run. Solid tackler. Plays with discipline. Good leaping ability. Has a special-teams temperament and excels as a gunner. Extremely smart and football smart. Outstanding personal and football character. Highly respected, team leader. Very durable, experienced, three-year starter.

Round 4, Pick 127- Preston Brown, ILB- Here we double up on ILB after selecting Christian Jones in round 3. Dansby age comes into play here. Karlos may give us 2-3 years of great production, but drafting talented depth now with extra picks makes sense here. Brown is 6'1", 251 lbs and is limited as a two down LB right now. Brown provides depth at the ILB position.

Outstanding size. Physical tackler. Steps downhilll and attacks the run with the proper shoulder. Good eyes and instincts. Delivers some pop on contact and strikes with force. Experienced three-year starter. Good football intelligence -- makes the calls and lines up a defense.

Round 5, Pick 145- Brock Vereen, FS- Here we bring in competition for Gipson. I had this pick down to 3 potential FS, but after looking closely at the three, Vereen stands out as the choice. The other two I debated picking were Jonathon Dowling and Nat Brehe. Vereen is the definition of a coverage FS. His father played in the NFL and his brother is Shane Vereen. Here is his write up on

Very good athlete with fluid movement skills and good range. Competes hard. Runs the alley and can negotiate traffic. Good zone awareness and route recognition. Understands angles and leverage. Can carry receivers in man coverage with little wasted movement in transition on speed turns. Good leaping ability. Very smart, motivated, team player with a passion for the game. Can line up the defense. Outstanding work ethic. Contributes as a gunner on special teams. Has NFL pedigree

This mock draft only goes to round 5 so it is a crapshoot in rounds 6 and 7. Here I think we go with the top players on our board. Guys that weren't picked in this mock but I would consider with these picks include Josh Huff (WR), Shamar Stephen (DT), Travis Carrie (CB), Trey Burton (TE), and which ever RB Shanny likes as a ZBS RB (Alfred Blue, James Wilder, Antonio Andrews, Marlon Grice, or Tyler Gaffeny). Thanks for reading this post and I'd be interested in any feedback as I know we all have different opinions on how the draft should go.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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