McShay's Mock Draft 3.0: Browns Take Johnny Manziel at QB This Time

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Football is coming to Cleveland in Todd McShay's latest mock draft.

ESPN's Todd McShay released his third mock draft today. In his previous mock draft, he had the Browns taking QB Blake Bortles and WR Davante Adams. This time around, while he still has the Browns going quarterback-wide receiver, both players are different. Here is how McShay's mock draft started off, prior to Cleveland being on the clock at No. 4 overall:

No. 1 - Houston: QB Blake Bortles
No. 2 - St. Louis: DE Jadeveon Clowney
No. 3 - Jacksonville: QB Teddy Bridgewater

The last time that Johnny Manziel fell to the Browns in McShay's mock draft, he bypassed him for Cleveland and let the Raiders take him. This time around, McShay wised up:

No. 4 - Cleveland: QB Johnny Manziel

The mantra for the Browns is the same as for the Jaguars: take the best available QB. They'll be pulling hard for Clowney and Robinson to be among the top three picks so they have some choices here, but in this scenario the only guy among our first round-worthy QBs is Manziel. I don't know if he's an ideal fit or if he'd be the Browns' first choice, but I'm not worried about his size or arm strength as it relates to playing in cold weather. If I had to rank the top three QBs in terms of arm strength, I'd go Bridgewater, Manziel and Bortles, without much difference among the three. And Manziel's 9 7/8-inch hands are plenty big enough to grip the ball in cold weather.

At No. 26 overall, McShay mocked wide receiver Brandin Cooks going to the Browns:

No. 26 - Cleveland: WR Brandin Cooks

In this scenario, the Browns drafted Johnny Manziel at No. 4 overall, so let's give their rookie QB a weapon on the perimeter. Cooks is undersized, but he can burn; he ran the fastest 40 time among receivers at the combine and his acceleration up the field right after the catch is outstanding. He has very good ball skills and is an outstanding route runner, too, and he'd fit well opposite Josh Gordon or in the slot next to him.

What do you think of McShay's picks for Cleveland?

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