Mock Draft Based on Position

All the mock drafts I try to predict the player who will be drafted, which is nearly impossible. Probably as equally impossible is to do a mock draft predicting the position the team will draft, but it is different and makes it so that I don't have research each player I predict. Though I did through throw in a couple of suggestions who I think the Browns should draft.

1st Round (4th overall)

Position To Draft – QB

Why QB? – I think the answer is obvious, this is the most important position on the team, and the Browns seemingly don’t have their guy. Brian Hoyer had a really good game against Cincinnati last season, but was only OK against the Vikings. So most likely he isn’t the answer. There is a good chance that no QB’s will be off the board by the 4th pick, so the Browns get whoever they want. The Browns haven’t taken a QB this high since Tim Couch, and they need to capitalize on this opportunity.

Who should be considered – Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M), Derek Carr (Fresno St), Blake Bortles (UCF)

Note: I want Manziel, but think it will be Carr.

1st Round (26th Overall)

Position to Draft – ILB

Why ILB? - This is for now and the future, the Browns have Karlos Dansby at one ILB spot, but being that he is 32 years old, how much longer will he remain a good player. Also the Browns need someone to play next to him right now. Currently Craig Robertson and Tank Carder are the players that may be playing next to Dansby, neither which really stand out.

Who should be considered – C.J. Mosley (Alabama), Ryan Shazier (Ohio State)

Note may have to trade up to get one of these guys.

2nd round (35th Overall)

Position to Draft – WR

Why WR? – The Browns need a young complimentary receiver to Josh Gordon, and this draft class is deep with WR talent. And the depth is why I wait until the second to grab a WR. Sammy Watkins is the WR that stands far above everyone else, but the difference from Mike Evans to Martavis Bryant doesn’t seem that great. And since the Browns have Gordon there really is no reason to go after a Watkins at #4, so filling other needs should take priority over WR, but the Browns can’t wait too long to go after a WR, when the depth has dried out. I think the top of the second round is the perfect place to jump in the WR pool.

Who should be considered? – Jordan Matthews (Vanderbilt), Allen Robinson (Penn State)

3rd Round (71st overall)

Position to Draft – CB

Why CB? – For the Browns I put this down as a nice to have, but not necessarily a need. If the Browns went into the season with McFadden as the #2 CB, I would not complain and would be willing to see if he has improved in his second season. However, I would love to make sure that there is depth at CB, in case Haden is injured.

Who should be considered? – Pierre Desir (Lindenwood), Keith McGill (Utah)

3rd Round (83rd Overall)

Position to Draft – RB

Why RB? – Ben Tate is injury prone, Dion Lewis is coming off of an injury, so adding a RB would be essential to the depth chart. I think the only RB worth a top second round pick is Carlos Hyde, and the other "top RB" will probably go late in the second. The RB’s that I think will be left I don’t think will be worth an early third selection, which is why I would wait to take them with our second 3rd round pick, even if it might be reaching for a couple of them.

Who should be considered? – Dri Archer (Kent State), Andre Williams (Boston College), D’Anthony Thomas (Oregon)

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