Christmas in May

It's Draft week! And it's easy to argue what the Browns should or should not do and then get caught up in what they should or should not have done, but there is an extremely deep and talented draft class this year and 5 of the top 83 players in the country are about to be added to the roster so I'd rather just note that it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

So don the red suit and hat please, Mr. Farmer. I'm hoping you bring a QB that has a bounty of successful NFL starts in his future. I don't mind if he's not the right size or lacks a great understanding of current NFL defenses. I'm confident that the coaching staff assembled here can teach him to be patient in the pocket and go through his progressions. If he's a playmaker with a will to win I will be very grateful and root him on.

If that model of QB is unavailable, next on my wish list would be a QB with prototypical size and strength who has a knack for upsetting bigger schools and winning close games. Even if he is a bit of a project I'm sure he will quickly get up to speed in an offense that already features 4 pro-bowl players.

So if the biggest gift under the tree could be, uh well, something that rhymes with "borderquack" I'm sure the lights and glistening tinsel will be brighter than ever. And I don't want to seem greedy, but I've noticed that an elf wearing a blue and white bonnet with a horseshoe on it has added an extra first round pick to your sleigh. Well this could be the best Christmas ever! More offense please, Santa Farmer? A versatile lineman or a reliable pass catcher would be perfect. I know I don't always get what I want and sometimes I get what I need, so if you see fit to bring a dynamic defensive player I would not be unhappy at all. You played defense in this league and you've told me before what wins championships.

I know as a Browns fan I've had my fair share of naughty and not nice moments, but I've been on my best behavior lately. I'd like to leave my ghosts of Christmas past in the past and start this season off with a clean slate. I feel like this draft could be the epiphanous moment that turns any Scrooge-like characteristics I may have into those of optimism, hopefulness, and merriment. Why the Christmas spirit feels so strong this year that I see even the grinchy Steelers have contributed a third-round pick for you to leave under the tree! Good tidings to all!

So on Wednesday night I will be leaving out the proverbial cookies and milk metaphorically in the form of my blessings and best wishes. I know 10 or more new players will be added to the roster this week and at least 5 figure to make major contributions this upcoming season. A little Christmas magic in the form of a blockbuster trade could get all of the doubters believing in you, or I'd be happy to stay at pick 4 and unwrap a shiny new...

Well I'll just leave it up to you Santa Farmer. I believe you are well prepared to handle this. Why it was so cold while you were working in Berea this winter you must have felt like you were at home in the North Pole! It may be your first Christmas as a GM, but many people have had high praise for your talents and consider you to be one of the brightest and most promising General Managers in football, and I happen to be one those people. So when Roger Goodell exclaims who we draft Thursday night, here's to a Happy Christmas in May, and a draft day done right.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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