2012 Game Day Threads

TNF Open Thread - Colts vs. Jaguars


Tonight, the Indianapolis Colts take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville hasn't been very good this year, but their only win of the year did come against Indianapolis. Can they do it again...

MNF Open Thread - Eagles vs. Saints


Tonight, the Philadelphia Eagles take on the New Orleans Saints. Michael Vick has kept his job for the time being, but is it only a matter of time before Nick Foles takes over?

SNF Open Thread - Cowboys vs. Falcons


Tonight, the inconsistent Cowboys take on the consistent Falcons. Can Atlanta remain undefeated? If you want to discuss the Browns game still, you can do so in our instant recap thread. Also,...

Ravens vs. Browns - 4th Quarter Game Thread


Toward the end of the quarter, though, the offense drove down the field much like they did in the second quarter, ending with a Phil Dawson field goal to close the deficit to 14-12. Can the Browns...

Ravens vs. Browns - 3rd Quarter Game Thread


The defense started coming up with a couple of more stops, and moved the ball two more times for Dawson to boot field goals through the uprights. The Browns are trailing 14-9 heading into the half.

Ravens vs. Browns - 2nd Quarter Game Thread


After the Browns went three-and-out on the first series, the Ravens marched down the field with ease, eventually ending the drive with a touchdown run by Ray Rice to make it a 7-0 Ravens lead. The...


Ravens vs. Browns - 1st Quarter Game Thread

The Browns won their first division game under head coach Pat Shurmur a few of weeks ago, but are now looking to pick up their first win over Baltimore in the Joe Flacco era. This time, the Ravens...

TNF Open Thread - Chiefs vs. Chargers


Oh, Romeo. Chiefs fans should now understand why this the Browns were such a mess under him. Of course, the Chargers aren't much better off, being on a three-game losing streak and coming off a 7-6...

MNF Open Thread - 49ers vs. Cardinals


Tonight, the San Francisco 49ers take on the Arizona Cardinals. The East Coast might be experiencing hectic weather, but everything is golden in Arizona for tonight's Monday Night Game!

SNF Open Thread - Saints vs. Broncos


Didn't get enough offense when watching the Browns' 7-6 win over the Chargers earlier? If so, tonight's Sunday Night Football game between the New Orleans Saints and the Denver Broncos is just for...

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