2012 NFL Draft

Cleveland Browns Receive Four Additional Draft Picks

In total, 32 compensatory picks were handed out by the league, and 4 of those went to the Cleveland Browns.

Tracking the Cleveland Browns 2012 Draft Interests

It's time for the first 2012 edition of our "Tracking the Cleveland Browns Draft Interests" feature. Basically, the idea is that any time a member of the media or player mentions that the Browns took some form of an interest in them, their name gets logged in our table.

The Day the Browns Missed Out on Robert Griffin III?

As soon as I heard a few weeks ago that the Washington Redskins were involved in trade talks with the Rams, I knew the Browns never stood a chance.

Todd McShay's Third Mock Draft: a DT in Round One?

I'm not going to say anything about Brockers specifically, but McShay seems to be ignoring the fact that the Browns already have a solid interior duo to build around in Phil Taylor and...some guy named Ahtyba Rubin. I know it is worthwhile to have a nice three-man rotation, but we don't need to spend a first-round pick to get that third guy.

Mel Kiper's Third Mock Draft: A Change for Cleveland at No. 22

Kiper released his third mock draft today, marking his first post-combine mock. While he still had Griffin falling to the Browns at No. 4 overall, there was a change at No. 22 overall. Who does Kiper have the Browns taking instead of Wright? Find out after the jump.

Latest SB Nation Mock Draft: Browns Trade Up for RGIII

In their pre-combine mock draft, SB Nation has changed their projection of what the Cleveland Browns will do in the first round of the draft. This time, instead of going against the majority (like they had done in their first two mock drafts), they went with the common projection of Robert Griffin III.

Mel Kiper's Second Mock Draft: No Changes for Browns

Last month, Mel Kiper released his first mock draft and had the Cleveland Browns going with QB Robert Griffin III and WR Kendall Wright. Today, he released his second mock draft -- one that saw a lot of shuffling going on. When it came to the Browns, though, Kiper stuck with both of his original picks.

Latest SB Nation NFL Mock Draft: Browns Take Claiborne and Floyd

In the previous mock draft, SB Nation has the Browns taking WR Justin Blackmon and QB Ryan Tannehill. This time, the picks were changed to CB Morris Claiborne and WR Michael Floyd. The explanations are after the jump.

Latest SB Nation NFL Mock Draft: Browns Take Blackmon and Tannehill

SB Nation just released the latest edition of their 2012 NFL Mock Draft, and unlike last time, they do not have the Cleveland Browns trading up to acquire Robert Griffin III. Instead, they have the Washington Redskins trading up to acquire RG3, meaning the Browns are forced into a new pick at No. 4 overall (which also changed the pick at No. 22 overall).

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