Rufio's Playbook

The 2010 Saint Louis Rams' Offense: Smash, Snag, Stick, and Slot-out


Stop by for more plays that you can expect to see from the Cleveland Browns' offense in 2011.

The 2010 St Louis Rams Offense: Passing Game


What did the St. Louis Rams' offense look like in 2010 and what can Cleveland Browns fans expect from Pat Shurmur's West Coast Offense in 2011? Stop by to find out.

The St. Louis Rams 2010 Offense and What to Expect from Cleveland in 2011


What did Pat Shurmur's West Coast Offense look like with the St. Louis Rams? An in-depth look at the running game in Shurmur's offense.

The West Coast Offense: Gameplanning and Play Calling


How do NFL teams decide which plays to call next? What is on those huge laminated sheets that coaches are carrying on the sideline? An in-depth look at how West Coast teams lay out their gameplans...

The West Coast Offense: Ball Contol Passing


What does it mean to be a ball control offense? Get a look at the West Coast Offense's efficient ball control passing game.

The West Coast Offense: Timing-Based Passing


How did Bill Walsh create a precision timed passing attack for the San Francisco 49ers? How does the timed, 5-step drop passing game work in the West Coast Offense? Stop by to find out.

The West Coast Offense: The Bill Walsh Offense


What exactly is the West Coast Offense? What is it's impact on today's NFL? Stop by for a general overview and teasers for future posts.

Stopping the run in the 4-3 Defense


How do 4-3 defenses stop the run? Deal with the threat of a two-back, downhill running game? Why do defensive linemen love the 4-3 defense? What is a run fit? Stop by to find out.

The Cleveland Browns Draft Phil Taylor: What does it mean for our defensive scheme?


What does the pick of Baylor DT Phil Taylor mean for the Cleveland Browns' defense? What type of defensive scheme will the Browns run in 2011? Check in to DBN to find out.

Draft Terminology: The "Rush End," the "Power End", and Defensive Line Versatility


What is a "rush end"? What is the difference between a "strong side defensive end" and a "weak side defensive end"? Check in to find out.

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