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Daily Dawg Chow (7/14/14)


In today's dose of Daily Dawg Chow, LeBron and Johnny Manziel look to become profitable partners for Cleveland, the full story on quarterback harassments, Donte Whitner's take on Gordon, and Haden...

Browns to Feature a Live Dog Mascot in 2014


We know all about Chomps and Brownie the Elf, but the Cleveland Browns are adding a new mascot to lead them onto the field in 2014: an actual dog. Sunday morning, Chris Fillar of 92.3 the Fan...

Browns Week in Review: July 6 - July 12


This feature gives a brief snapshot of what happened during the past week related to the Cleveland Browns (or important NFL news). Outlined below is a recap from the week of July 6 - July 12, 2014.

Who's the New Guy?


Learn a little bit about one of Dawgs By Nature's new writers, Joe Ginley.

FIFA World Cup 2014: Germany vs. Argentina


The 2014 World Cup Final has just begun, featuring the exciting matchup of Germany vs. Argentina. Both teams are great, but my pick today is for Messi to be the difference maker. Who do you have,...

DBN Community NFL Reshuffle Draft: Round 2


Thank you to all of the participants for a very successful first round. We now move on to a speed round, looking to complete most of the second round.

Which Former Browns Would You Welcome Back?


In the spirit of milking the fact that LeBron James returned home to Cleveland, we'd like to pose the question of, "which former players (who are still in the NFL or pursuing a roster spot in the...

Caption Contest (7/12): Running Backs


Tonight, our caption contest features several running backs. For reference, here is who is in the picture: RB Edwin Baker (#27), RB Terrance West (#20), RB Ben Tate (#44), and running backs coach...

Brian Hoyer Throws First Pitch at Indians Game


The Browns' starting quarterback, Brian Hoyer, was able to go through with his ceremonial first pitch on Saturday. Hoyer joined the Indians' broadcast booth for about ten minutes during the fourth...

FIFA World Cup 2014: Brazil vs. Netherlands


The 3rd place game in the World Cup takes place today as Brazil takes on Netherlands. Brazil had a disastrous showing in the Quarterfinals, one that left the host nation embarrassed in front of the...

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