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Cleveland Browns Training Camp Report: Day 19 - Injuries Add Up


If you don't want to hear about injuries, then don't read today's training camp report. Three of Cleveland's key players left the field early, meaning the team could be a bit short-handed when they...

Injuries Hurting the Depth at the Safety Position


The Cleveland Browns are quickly approaching their second preseason game, and guess which position seems to have the most issues when it comes to depth? It isn't the defensive line, it's not at...

Former Browns RB James Davis Decides to Leave Redskins Camp


“I don’t know,” Shanahan said following Tuesday morning’s practice. “If you see him, let me know because I was wondering where he was at, too. I don’t know where he was at. Missing in action.”

Cleveland Browns Training Camp Report: Day 18 - Jim Tressel Shows Up


Camp was closed to the public again this morning, but the media went wild talking about appearances made by former Ohio State Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel, former Michigan coach Lloyd Carr, former...

Salary Cap Update: Cleveland Browns Have $23.95 Million Available


The Browns currently have the 7th highest amount of salary cap space at $23.95 million. What has changed since the last time the salary cap figures were released? Well, the lockout ended, which...

Prediction Machine Gives Cleveland Browns a 1% Chance of Winning it All


Each year, plays the 2011 NFL Season 50,000 times before it is actually played (exactly how they do that is beyond me, but whatever). I remember seeing these in the past, and...

Cleveland Browns Training Camp Report: Day 17 - Hardesty is Back


Hardesty Returns to Action: All eyes were on running back Montario Hardesty, who was doing something besides light jogs or standing around: he was taking part in the action. It seemed like a big...

Colt McCoy and the Browns' West Coast Offense Click in 27-17 Victory Over Packers


We are just one game in to the preseason, but the results for Colt McCoy and the West Coast Offense were positive. We'll see if things can go this smooth the rest of the preseason. For now, it...

Post-Game Presser: Shurmur on First Game, and Players' Thoughts


(On if McCoy made all the reads he had to make)- "I thought so. The first play sticks out. Just like your first play he pushed up in the pocket and he came to the sideline and he tried to flip it...

Injury Updates: WR Carlton Mitchell, S Eric Hagg


Wide receiver Carlton Mitchell had surgery on his finger and will be out for a couple of weeks. Head coach Pat Shurmur was asked if placing Mitchell on the injured reserve would be an option. "I...

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