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Colt McCoy and the Browns' West Coast Offense Click in 27-17 Victory Over Packers

We are just one game in to the preseason, but the results for Colt McCoy and the West Coast Offense were positive. We'll see if things can go this smooth the rest of the preseason. For now, it might be time to start paying more attention to the 4-3 defense and making sure our front four get some positive work in.

Post-Game Presser: Shurmur on First Game, and Players' Thoughts

(On if McCoy made all the reads he had to make)- "I thought so. The first play sticks out. Just like your first play he pushed up in the pocket and he came to the sideline and he tried to flip it over to Owen (Marecic). My first response was, ‘Oh geez, that’s backwards.’

Injury Updates: WR Carlton Mitchell, S Eric Hagg

Wide receiver Carlton Mitchell had surgery on his finger and will be out for a couple of weeks. Head coach Pat Shurmur was asked if placing Mitchell on the injured reserve would be an option. "I think that is way too early to know," said Shurmur. "The injuries we are talking about with them, although they are surgeries, we anticipate them coming quickly."

Instant Recap: Cleveland Browns Defeat Green Bay Packers, 27-17

How did Colt McCoy's first game in the West Coast Offense turn out? Not bad...not bad at all. The Cleveland Browns defeated the Green Bay Packers by a score of 27-17 in their first preseason game, but the thing everyone will take away from this game is the performance of the first-team offense under McCoy.

What to Look For: Green Bay Packers vs. Cleveland Browns

The Packers are now the defending Super Bowl Champions. The Browns replaced Eric Mangini with Pat Shurmur at head coach, and the team is now running a new offensive system and a new defensive system.

Some Brief Notes on the Return of Football

One of my reasons for tuning into the FOX game was that I wanted a sneak peak at how two of the league's major rule changes -- the replay review of some scoring plays and the change in the distance of kickoffs -- would turn out.

Top 5 Position Battles for Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns have already been through training camp for a couple of weeks not, but the team's position battles could really start heating up once you see what certain players can do on gameday when full-blown contact is allowed. Here are the top five position battles to watch out for, ranked in order of prominence.

Cleveland Browns Training Camp Report: Day 13 - Playing Time

The Cleveland Browns had their final practice Thursday morning before their game against the Packers. Head coach Pat Shurmur decided to have the team go without pads, probably hoping to prevent any minor injuries that would hold players out of the camp.

Browns' Depth Chart for Game Against Packers

Despite not playing, running back Montario Hardesty was listed second on the depth chart. That should change, especially when you see a player like tight end Jordan Cameron fourth on the depth chart after missing some time due to injury.

Cleveland Browns Training Camp Report: Day 12 - Massaquoi Removes the Cast

Bring Out the Boot: One of the top stories from today's training camp reports involved the team's No. 1 receiver, Mohamed Massaquoi. He still did not participate in practice, but the cast was removed from his right foot and replaced with a walking boot instead.

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