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Holmgren: Massaquoi Should See the Field Next Week

While wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi is expected to miss the first preseason game while he recovers from what we now know to be a small chip fracture in his left foot, team president Mike Holmgren believes that Massaquoi will be participating in training camp with the rest of the team soon.

Cleveland Browns Training Camp Report: Day 10 - Two Minute Stall

Based on what I've seen from Brandon Jackson so far, I've drawn this conclusion: Montario Hardesty should probably be the third running back to start off the season. Jackson has been one of the team's best receivers in camp.

The Sunday Five: Replay Review for Scoring Plays

Fans should be reminded of a major rule change that will probably be apparent even in the preseason games. John Bena from our Denver Broncos affiliate attended their local camp where the officials made it more clear how the process of reviewing every scoring play will go.

Walker: Browns are a Slow Football Team

The Browns are a slow football team. Cleveland has decent size but definitely not enough blazers and game-changing athletes. I thought the Browns would be more aggressive in free agency to close the talent gap with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens.

The Sunday Five [Special Edition]: More Notes From Browns Fun Day

Today, we are having a special edition of "The Sunday Five," which highlights some more of my observations from the Family Fun Day training camp session at the stadium Saturday afternoon.

Shurmur: RB Montario Hardesty Could Return Next Week

The biggest mystery of Cleveland Browns training camp thus far? It could be, "what is going on with Montario Hardesty?" We thought he was fine, but the coaching staff has held him out of all contact drills, and he's really not even doing anything besides standing on the sidelines.

Cleveland Browns Training Camp Report: Day 8 - Family Fun Day at the Stadium

I arrived to the stadium early because I wanted to make sure I got seats at the 50-yard line, but all the way at the top of the first set of seats so that I'd be in the shade and have a nice, wide view of the entire field.

Around the Pound (8/6): Phil Taylor Impressive, Matt Roth the Best FA, and More

In today's edition of Around the Pound, we take a look at James Walker's visit to Browns camp, how a former member of our team is currently designated, "the best free agent on the market," how poorly the Browns were graded in free agency, and more.

Tom Heckert: Browns Have One of the Best Starting LB Groups in NFL

"I think we have one of the best starting groups in the NFL," stated Heckert when asked about the team's linebackers corps.

Cleveland Browns Training Camp Report: Day 7 - Wildcat Eliminated

After practice was over, receiver Joshua Cribbs said, "[Shurmur's] not a big fan of the wildcat, but he is a big fan of giving me the football." It was a nice thought, but not the type of thing Shurmur has in mind for the Browns' offense this year.

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