Rufio's Playbook

Draft Terminology: The "Sam" "Mike" and "Will" Linebackers


Every year as the draft approaches many media outlets either generate or regurgitate content that uses a lot of scouting terminology. In a short series of posts, I'll explain what some of this ...

Draft Terminology: The "Three Technique" and the "Five Technique"


What the heck is a five technique end? A three technique tackle? Come find out in our series explaining scouting terminology.

Brian Daboll and Constraining a Defense


How do NFL teams keep defenses honest? An in-depth look at Cleveland Browns X's and O's.

Yards Per Attempt, Yards Per Carry, and Offensive Balance


How do yards per carry and yards per attempt factor in to a balanced offense? Why are announcers wrong when they look at rushing vs. passing attempts to determine offensive balance? An in-depth...

The Saints Go Deep: the Fade and the Fade-Stop


What should the Cleveland Browns be ready for when facing the New Orleans Saints? Find out how the Saints will use four verticals and the fade-stop to go deep in their passing game.

Rufio's Playbook: Personnel and Formation Applied


Why are on-field matchups so important in the NFL? A look in to the cat and mouse game of personnel and formation using a St. Louis Rams preseason touchdown as an example.

Rufio's Playbook: The "Pin and Pull" Outside Zone Run


How does the Pin and Pull outside zone run differ from the normal zone runs? How do they fit in to the Cleveland Browns' offense? An X's and O's look at this variant on the stretch play.

Becoming "Multiple": Passing Concepts and the Snag Concept


What do coaches mean when they speak of being "multiple"? How are passing concepts different than passing plays? What is the snag route? An in-depth look at all those things and more.

Becoming "Multiple": Personnel and Formation


Many coaches desire to be "multiple", but what does that even mean? Here, I break down how an offense can provide a defense many different looks through manipulation of who is on the field and...

Rufio's playbook: The Inside Zone Run


How does the Inside Zone run differ from the Outside Zone run? How is it used as a part of a zone blocking system? How did the Cleveland Browns use the inside Zone run in 2009? Those questions...

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