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News: Jones Expects Trade Opportunities Tomorrow


Latest Cowboys headlines: Cowboys haven’t been talking to other teams about trading draft picks yet; Jones squashes Manziel speculation; A look at rookie draft impacts.

Breaking: 'Boys Could Move Up, Down, Or Sit Tight


Three staff writers at the Dallas Morning News take a look at the Cowboys' options in the draft, and we take a look at their thoughts.

Fantasy Football Feature: Draft Philosophy - Pt. 2


Now that we have nearly two weeks of preseason football to take in, draft strategies are starting to be finalized. If you haven't drafted already, the chances are it's just around the corner.


Oh, it's all so simple

Karen Price of the Tribune-Review informed worried Pirates fans that: General manager Neal Huntington addressed his team’s struggling offense before the game, and said that any help they get is...

Keith Law's first mock draft


This one sits behind a paywall. His take on the Pirates at 1.8: Devin Marrero "Most people saw Marrero as a top-five pick coming into the season, but he didn't have a great year for the Sun Devils. However, the entire industry seems to think the Pirates want him here. I have also heard them on Mississippi State right-hander Chris Stratton" It could be worse. But this draft strategy, if it plays out as Law predicts, is Littlefieldesque in conception. In fact, if the Pirates were to take Marrero at 1.8 next month, I'd say that this pick should alter the way fans view the 2009 Draft class. Instead of taking at face value team claims that it took Tony Sanchez with the 1.4 pick in order to conserve resources it intended to spend later, a Marrero pick makes the Sanchez pick look consistent with a pitching and defense first team building strategy.

Draft Picks by Round vs. All Pros, Pro Bowls & Starters


Martin Manley put up a great analysis of the comparative value of a player by round for the 3 success outcomes (all pro, pro bowl, primary starter). Given the after draft thinking, it's a great read: http://sportsinreview.com/blog/?p=1018 I also did some derivative analysis on it. Looking at pro bowls a player drafted in the 1st round is X times more likely to go to a pro bowl in a given year than the other rounds as follows: Round 2: 2.7 Round 3: 4.7 Round 4: 10.8 Round 5: 8.3 Round 6: 10.4 Round 7: 20.8 If I’m a good team, I use those ratios as my bible to draft and trade picks. If I’m not a good team and I need a bunch of starters across the board, then I try to find many (hopefully rational) trade partners with good teams to take advantage of the different ratios for round 1 vs. other rounds for primary starters, which are: Round 2: 1.4 Round 3: 2.2 Round 4: 2.7 Round 5: 3.9 Round 6: 4.8 Round 7: 5.2 The grid (based off Martin’s data) can be found at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ak9DQaylNFGndFdfTFhFUUYyTnRrd0tLWmh1YlRMUXc&pli=1#gid=0

So, about those goalies: The importance of goalie coaching


Goalie coaches have a critical role in the performance of a team's goalies but also in the long-term success of the franchise's netminders.

Hell No, I Won't Go! Thoughts on Draft Strategy


A modest proposal for this year's NFL draft.

Selective Service


The Oilers should learn from two great NFL coaches and continue their tendency towards drafting intelligent kids.

MHR University Special Report - A Profoundly Powerful Draft Strategy (2009)


The real strategy behind the 2009 Denver Broncos draft.

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