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Vikings Sign S Kurt Coleman

Vikings Sign Former Eagles Safety Kurt Coleman Kurt Coleman is only 25 years old and already has 221 tackles and 7 INT's in the NFL. He has good size and is known as a very aggressive player. He...


Better to be Safety than sorry. Let's sign Major Wright

I love the mock drafts showing Dallas Cowboys drafting defensive lineman. From Aaron Donald and Timmy Jernigan to Dee Ford and Kony Ealy, the DL's are where I want them to go in Rd 1 of the draft....


Scouting the Safety Position

Recently, I've been spending a lot of time looking at most of the top safety prospects in the upcoming draft class. Below, you'll find my ideas on each of the safeties that I could see the Eagles...

SU Football Class of 2013 walk-on Joe Stanard


Joe's highlight film is at http://www.hudl.com/athlete/641646/#highlights/16363376 Been looked at by colleges mostly for Safety, ST and or slot WR but will play wherever I can get time of course. Local from Baldwinsville, NY. Thanks to SU for the opportunity and and can't wait to get on campus June 29th! Photo courtesy of the Post-Standard.


2013 SU walk-on Joe Stanard hoping to make an impact

Joe's Hudl link http://www.hudl.com/athlete/641646/#highlights/16363376 Most schools have looked at Joe for Safety or slot WR. Big hill to climb but working hard and has put on 20 pounds and...

Sully: Cowboys will NOT draft Vaccaro


Guaranteed this earlier on our taping of "On Air" @dcstarmagazine Show, & want it on the record: The Cowboys will NOT draft Kenny Vaccaro.— Jeff Sullivan (@SullyBaldHead) April 12, 2013

Violence & Football


A football safety discussion

Memo to the NFL: To Reduce Concussions, Ban Football Helmets

Forbes contributor John Tamny looks at the role safety equipment changes in the NFL plays in the rate of concussion-related injuries to players. This is a contrarian view of sports that most people don't take. Sports equipment is an interesting dynamic, and its relation to aggressive behavior is something I examined at The Hockey Writers over the course of the last season. Well, This Is Weird: Study Says NHLers Wearing Black Sweaters Are More Aggressive "To examine the color–aggression link, the authors analyzed the last 25 seasons of NHL penalty-minute data (649 seasons from 30 teams collapsed across 52,098 games). When teams wore black jerseys, they were penalized more than when they did not (d = 1.19; Study 1). When teams switched to wearing colored jerseys at home games, they were penalized more than when they wore white jerseys at home games (d = 0.83; Study 2). Collectively, these quasi-experimental findings suggest that black jerseys are associated with more aggression and that white jerseys are associated with less. The authors discuss possible causes for these color-aggression effects." Will New Concussion Detection Technology Improve Treatment and Prevention in the NHL? "So too could new injury analysis help inform the league’s progressively strict stance on head shots and other forms of questionable contact. Generally, new NHL chief disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan is helping to move the league forward in the prevention of brain and other forms of head injury, but a new wave of data analysis could help both the league and the NHLPA better and more consistently define what constitutes dangerous contact that doesn’t belong in the game of hockey." The Problem with Mandatory Visors in the NHL "We provide evidence of the Peltzman effect by tracking the professional path of each hockey player that ended up in the National Hockey League from 2001 to 2006. We take advantage of the fact that visor use has not always been compulsory throughout a player’s career, which allows us to compare the change in behavior of users and non-users of visors when they are forced to use them. We find that whereas the average penalty minutes per game is 0.8, visors cause a substantial increase of 0.2 penalty minutes per game. Players become more aggressive when forced to wear a visor, partially offsetting its protective effect and creating potential spillover effects to other players."

NFL.com's Charles Casserly compares S Mark Barron to other safeties in the league, including Chiefs S Eric Berry.


Charles Casserly discusses Alabama S Mark Barron going in Top 10 and lays out how his ranking of Barron compares to other highly selected Safeties throughout the league including Berry. "So, how high do you take a safety? That depends on how important the position is to your defense. If it is important, then Barron qualifies as a top-10 pick in this year's draft. Here is how I rate Barron against some highly regarded safeties taken in the top 15 of recent drafts when they were coming out of college ... Rated higher than Barron: • Eric Berry, 2010 draft, fifth pick (Kansas City): Better cover skills, could cover some receivers."

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