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BRB On SportsRadio 610 Tonight At 8:30 P.M. CST


Brett hits the air waves tonight at 8:30 p.m. CST to talk Bill O'Brien, Romeo Crennel, and the 2014 NFL Draft.

Panthers' Steve Smith throws Chud under the bus


Carolina's Steve Smith seems to think that not only does the blame for the Panthers' woes last season fall on his former OC, but it was Chudzinski's efforts to get a job as a head coach that did...

Gary Patterson – Innovator or Sideshow?


As we watch from afar at the new direction Texas decides to go at DC, it's brought up a subject I've pondered for a while. What is the best defensive system for the college game? I'm still not...

Odds and Ends – December 2010


Got lots of opinions to throw out there, most of which are supported by data.   Long time readers know the drill- challenge them, but support your arguments.  Anybody making a contrary claim based...

Dana Holgorsen Walks Out Of A Bar...


...and runs into Big XII ESPN Uber-Blogbot David St Ubbens. Lucky for us he draws up a play. I hope Will Muschamp has some Internet in his office! Seriously, kind of cool: Anyway, I love this...

Podcast #19: The Hog Call Where Blake Brockermeyer Lionizes Jim McNally


Always great times with Blake who was kind enough to stop by and answer some of your questions, though like most of us he's not sure how magnets work. Fucking witchcrafty magic, imo. Blake is h...

Excellent Play-by-Play Analysis of the Texas O and D


The concisely-named shaggybevo.com poster "P" recently published a damning analyses of our offense against OU. His conclusion: our offensive woes result from a combination of jaw-droppingly poor...

Podcast #16: The Hog Call Where We Ask Blake Brockermeyer To Suit Up Again


I think we'd all love to have him out there. As always, thanks to Blake for stopping by and talking with us. We cover many topics including Jay Cutler's obvious love of the game, the looming NFL...

Texas Longhorns / Oklahoma Sooners Animated Drive Chart


Though I'd say some our drives might better be described as inanimate, this makes me laugh in a gallows humor sort of way. Our first drive is particularly inept. Very little solid line, lots of...

Timing Is Everything


Funny that this showed up today from ESPN Big 12 UberBlogger David St. Ubbens. Greg - Make it all work SAT, baby. (h/t Pokelahoma)

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