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That Brad Smith Play


Eagles writers and fans: "Let's hire an innovator, and then yell at him whenever he tries something new"

8 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Angelo Pease

In which BracketCat counts down the eighth day until kickoff with a profile of running back Angelo Pease.

Practice Report From The Asset


Sorry for the belated practice report but I just got home from Milwaukee, which is Algonquin for "The Good Land." Algonquins must have been drunks in my opinion (no racist), because everyone in...

Reliving the Wishbone: Now and Then


I'm still curious about what else HarsinWhite 2011 has in mind for our Wildcat packages this season. The Jesus was dead on about having 2 different operators for those schemes (Shipley and Fozzy so...

The Harsin Offense: Making Complexity a Single-edged Sword


We've heard a lot in the practice reports about how Harsin's strategies include installing a large variety of formations and looks that put too much on tape for opposing coordinators to be able to...

Wallace, Cribbs can spice up bland offense


Football Outsiders' Doug Farrar with an actual Wildcat play the Browns can use with Cribbs, Wallace, and Delhomme all on the field at the same time. Note: I think Wildcat plays are more effective when an actual QB is also on the field. While guys like Ronnie Brown and Cribbs can throw, it's not the best use of their skills; the "threat" of them throwing is more dangerous.

OMG Iowa's Totally Running the Wildcat


OMG Iowa's Totally Running the Wildcat; is Iowa adding a new wrinkle to their offense? (No)

Jets Flight Connections 120809


Mark Sanchez sits out of Monday practice. Meanwhile, the New York Jets are in the top rankings in the NFL.

Saints Provide Blueprint for Stopping the Wildcat


A nice breakdown of how the Saints shutdown Miami's Wildcat offense. "The Saints' thrived at something few teams have this season -- shutting down the Wildcat. Miami ... averaged just 2.2 yards per play in the Wildcat. Ronnie Brown gained just 48 yards on 16 carries. Of their 15 runs from the Wildcat, the Dolphins were stopped for negative yardage four times and eight of those runs went for fewer than 3 yards."

Snap Shots: The Monroe Series


Snap Shots returns to take a look at the Monroe Series, the group of plays that uses the redshirt freshman speedster in motion to get him the ball on the run, while also including two counter plays...

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