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Let's Destroy These Guys

This Sunday, we need to be ready. For some reason, this game has me infuriated inside, even more so than when we were set to face the Baltimore Ravens. Yes, it definitely has to do with the fact that the Broncos have so many of our former players on their team who are talking so much crap about our team. Is there anything wrong with them talking their trash? Not really, because they're on a winning football team now, so it only seems legit that what they say about when they were on the Browns would hold true. Here's the exact article I'm referring to, quotes from former players and all. I'd like to highlight a few of those comments.
"You know what the word is? Good riddance," Ekuban said of the group's exit from Cleveland. "I mean, Courtney Brown was a bust. Gerard Warren was a bust. Michael Myers can't play. He's just a backup guy. Ebenezer Ekuban, well, he had one good year but he didn't help the team win. I think it was just good riddance. But we all had confidence in ourselves that we were better players than our team showed."

Now, I didn't have a problem with Ekuban or Myers. However, any time someone brags about the gameplay of Gerard Warren, it burns me inside. Every one of us know that Warren didn't come close to what he was supposed to be. He was the third overall pick in the draft, but played more like a fifth rounder that eventually develops into a manageable starter or backup. Yes, he was a bust. If he wasn't a bust, he'd still be on our team. And, with respect to Courtney Brown, did Ekuban forget that he would suffer an injury every single season? Heck, even that tradition has carried over to the Broncos, because his season is already finished.

"You know they've got to be kicking themselves because I think they'd be a hell of a team if they still had those guys right now," said Broncos receiver Quincy Morgan, who was drafted in the second round by Cleveland in 2001 and played three-plus seasons there. "That's what they're missing right now."

The only thing that would've made this funnier would have been if Morgan had included himself in that group. Granted our run defense has not been very good the past few years, but we aren't losing football games because of our defense. It has more to do with the fact that our offense can only put 20 points on the board once in a blue moon. It's funny that Morgan can talk so much now, when the only thing he's used for by teams is a kick returner. Maybe if the Browns never had him in the first place, we would've been a better team by giving someone who didn't drop the football a chance to make a play.

"The (words) 'Super Bowl' (were) forbidden in the building almost," Warren said. "They didn't even think about Super Bowl. That's all I think. Teammates would look at me like yeah, 'I'm dreaming,' when I'm in the locker room talking about try to win a Super Bowl. They were like, 'You're on the Cleveland Browns.' "

Although I do agree that some players felt this way, Warren's acting like he's the only guy throughout his years on the Browns who had their passion set on winning. His gameplay with us speaks for itself, with how many times he'd only register one meaningless tackle on the stat sheet. And, how many times did Warren get that quick penetration, looking like he was finally going to make a sack, only to see the quarterback laugh as he tossed a screen pass over his head for a 20-yard gain? Maybe people thought Warren was joking because he didn't play like he was supposed to.

"It adds a lot of juice," Warren said of going back to "his" city. "It's not even payback. It's just, 'Y'all made it look like we were the problems when the organization wasn't winning.' We're gone now. And look at the success we've had."

Success? Most of this annoyance is coming from what Warren is saying, because he's making it seem like he failed because he was on the Browns. He may be on a winning team now, but he's not even close to the best defensive tackles in the league, and still looks like the same exact bonehead every time you look at him.

Now, of all the former players, I have the most respect for Kenard Lang still. He accepted his role and was a leader when he was here, and I believe what he has to say most of the time. As far as this wish though:

Lang doesn't particularly care how he'll be received Sunday, except on one count.

"The only thing I want the stadium to be is quiet when we leave," he said. "That's all that matters."

Regarding that, I think Lang and the Broncos will be in for a surprise this Sunday. Make sure you're watching, because I have a feeling the only place in the stadium that'll be quiet after the game will be the Broncos locker room.