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Heads are rolling, players are hurting, and we're still losing.  Just another day in the life of the Cleveland Browns:

From The Orange & Brown Report:

Channel 3's Jim Donovan reported tonight on his 11PM newscast that Browns offensive coordinator Mo Carthon has been fired. The news will be welcomed by fans, and some players, who had been requesting his ouster.

Channel 5 said he'd stepped one's confirmed it yet, but we know.  Bowing out gracefully is the best he can do for himself and the team.  Only time will tell if this was a smart move.  Right now, I have to believe so.  The play-calling has been horrible and the lack of confidence in this offense only makes them worse.

From ABCNews:

Baxter will have surgery on Tuesday at the Cleveland Clinic to repair both knees, coach Romeo Crennel said during his Monday news conference. Crennel, who has been coaching for more than 35 years, said he has never seen an injury like Baxter's. ...

yup.  And ya never seen a team like the Cleveland Browns, have ya, Boss?  We tried to tell you...

...He didn't have injury problems until coming to Cleveland. In three years at Baylor, he missed only one game with a hamstring injury. While he was with the Ravens, Baxter played in 48 consecutive games.

OK, anyone left who wants to disagree with me on the team conditioning and weight-training?  I've been trying to raise the issue since Bentley got hurt and everybody called it a fluke.  No one even wants to question how we are training and developing these guys physically?  How do you tear BOTH KNEES, my God!  By the sheer quantity of injuries this team has compared to every other team in this damn league, it is at least a valid assumption.

Note to team physicians:  Charlie's head will most likely not be reattached should he lose it to an opposing defense.   Medical technology has not advanced far enough for such a procedure to be performed successfully, even at the Cleveland Clinic.

Oh, yeah, and speaking of Bentley....  

The Plain Dealer reports:

Coach Romeo Crennel said on Friday that Bentley is making slow progress and that he might not be back in time for the start of next season. He said Bentley is at home rehabbing and should be working out in Berea within the next week or so. He said doctors told him it would be a year before they could determine when Bentley will return. Bentley suffered the injury July 27 on the first day of contact drills.

The latest return patient the Cleveland Clinic's Browns' Football Memorial Wing is our star-center, having his own damn knee problems and one we've been hearing about quite a bit this season on our local high-school teams:  staph infection.  Easy to get , difficult to fight, makes you feel like s---t everywhere.   And quite possible not even back in time for training year.  

The score was 17-7.  We've been dancing all day, 1,2,3-kick, 1-2-3-kick!  Charlie throws an interception.  From my vantage point on top of the world, and without my glasses on, I could see them.  Droves of people....within seconds of witnessing Frye throw the ball to the other guys, and I mean about TWO SECONDS....standing up and heading down the stairs, not quickly, just collectively.  Every stairwell was full by the time the play ended.  It was cold, the wind was really bad and people had just had enough.  I take pride in having made it 10 minutes into the fourth quarter before calling it quits.  What a sad sight it was to see all those people leave and what a sad thing to be not far behind them....          


It's another day in Brownstown....