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Derreck Robinson Receives $7,500 Fine

With the Browns playing the hurting Falcons tomorrow, it's time to get some more injury updates regarding the Browns, as of today:

  1. Quarterback Charlie Frye was upgraded from questionable to probable. Frye had a sore back and a hurt thumb, but both have supposedly improved throughout the week. Besides, Frye would have to really be hurt for us to have to turn to either Ken Dorsey or Derek Anderson.
  2. Right tackle Ryan Tucker feels he is already back to 100%, and plans on playing the entire game against the Falcons. That's a drastic change from a week ago, when we thought his season may be over.
  3. In the secondary, cornerback Leigh Bodden has officially been ruled out. Hard-hitting cornerback Jereme Perry is questionable with an ankle injury he suffered in practice Thursday. If Perry is able to play though, he could get the start at corner over Ralph Brown. Daven Holly would be our other starter, and he is expected to play the entire the game, despite not being fully recovered from his injury.
In other news, Derreck Robinson was fined $7,500 by the NFL for the blindsided hit he delivered to Frye last week against the San Diego Chargers. Robinson drilled Frye right in the back after the whistle had long been blown for a false start penalty. Frye felt the hit was absolutely a cheap shot, as Robinson appeared to be the only person on the field not to "hear" the whistle.

Two people in particular will be facing their former team this week. Kevin Shaffer was on the Falcons the past four seasons, while Chris Crocker had been on the Cleveland Browns.

One more interesting note, the Browns were the only team in Week 9 to lead at halftime and lose. Credit goes to Gil Brandt for that tidbit.