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Forget Those Terrible Towels

Here are some quick hits from around the Internet in terms of Browns news, in anticipation for perhaps the biggest weekend of Cleveland sports this year:

  1. Bring on the Terrible Flags?: Sick of seeing the terrible towels that so many Steelers fans taunt our stadium with? Well, at this week's game, AT&T is distributing oversized orange flags to fans entering the stadium. Maybe on television, and for those of you there live, we won't have to worry about there seemingly being too many Steelers fans in "our" house.
  2. Don't Count on It: The chances of Leigh Bodden playing, or even practicing for that matter, are not good. Expect him to miss his second straight game.
  3. Harrison or Wright?: Right now, running back Reuben Droughns is questionable with a sprained foot. Jason Wright and Jerome Harrison have rotated in practice, and extensive updates on Droughns' status were not yet made available. He was wearing a boot a little, but did not wear it during practice, where he watched from the sidelines.
  4. Getting Recognition: When you play good, it pays off. Dr. Z has a nice comment for one of our players in his power rankings this week.
  5. Wrong Hand: Quarterback Charlie Frye has a sore wrist, but thankfully it's only for his left hand.
  6. More Recognition: It's amazing what a win over a "respected" team like the Falcons does for a team in Power Rankings. In the Week 11 ESPN Power Rankings, the Browns leaped six spots. Unfortunately, both of the teams that received new head coaches last year - the Miami Dolphins and the San Francisco 49ers - are ranked ahead of Crennel's boys.
I encourage you to head over to Behind the Steel Curtain, which is the Steelers' version of Dawgs By Nature. They have a quick glance on their thoughts of the Cleveland Browns, and I made a reply to the post over there.