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Todd Grantham Ready to Head to Michigan State?

Well, unfortunately it looks as if the rumor will become fact on Monday, as the Michigan State Spartans are expected to name Browns defensive coordinator Todd Grantham as their new head coach. Grantham has been interested in the job, and Romeo Crennel has already given him his blessing. I have enjoyed the energy that Grantham has brought to our defense since the Phil Savage era started. If Grantham does indeed leave, there's a chance that he could take several of our assistants with him. Let's hope that defensive backs coach Mel Tucker isn't one of them, because he has done an amazing job with our secondary. Also, I don't think Tucker would be a bad choice as a defensive coordinator after what he's shown. Now, some more quick hitters:

  1. Wild Man Will Play: Steelers' Pro Bowl safety Troy Polamalu has been cleared to play, and will start this week's game against the Browns. Polamalu suffered a concussion in last week's game against the New Orleans Saints, and was originally questionable for the Steelers/Browns showdown.
  2. Droughns Still Iffy: Crennel has stated that even if Droughns didn't practice all week, it didn't mean he wouldn't be allowed to start the game. However, due to Droughns' status and him possibly leaving at any time, you can bet that both Jason Wright and Jerome Harrison will be on the active list on Sunday.
  3. Bodden's Status: Although Leigh Bodden still remains doubtful, he has not been ruled out yet. The primary goal for Bodden is to be healthy and ready to go for the following game, where he would be matched up against Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals.
  4. Better Deliver: With a comment like this, Andra Davis better deliver: "Linebacker Andra Davis vowed, "This is personal. I rank this game up with the time Jamal Lewis broke the [single-game rushing] record on us." So, if Davis gets bowled over by Willie Parker, we'll be pissed.
  5. Only on TV: Earlier this week, Braylon Edwards asked for special permission to attend tomorrow's Michigan vs. Ohio State game live. According to the Plain Dealer, after consulting with veterans, Edwards decided against going, and will have to watch it on television instead. I'd say that's the right move.
If you're wondering who I want to win in the big OSU/Michigan game, it's definitely Ohio State. But, if you gave me a choice to either see the OSU/Michigan or the Steelers/Browns game, there's no doubt I would watch the Browns game in a heartbeat.