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Week 11 Optimistic Chase to the Playoffs

Disclaimer: The following report is merely for the purpose of optimism, meaning it's a major "What-If" scenario on what would need to happen for the Browns to have a crack at the playoffs. I will try to do this once a week until Cleveland is officially eliminated.

The first six spots are teams that would be in the playoffs as of today, with the first four spots going to the division leaders. The final ten spots rank how close a team is to the fifth/sixth wildcard seed.

1. Indianapolis Colts (9-0)
2. Denver Broncos (7-2)
3. Baltimore Ravens (7-2)
4. New England Patriots (6-3)
5. San Diego Chargers (7-2)
6. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-4)
7. New York Jets (5-4)
8. Kansas City Chiefs (5-4)
9. Cincinnati Bengals (4-5)
10. Houston Texans (3-6)
11. Cleveland Browns (3-6)
12. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-6)
13. Buffalo Bills (3-6)
14. Miami Dolphins (3-6)
15. Oakland Raiders (2-7)
16. Tennessee Titans (2-7)

The Browns can move up this week if some or all the following things occur:

  1. The Browns must win over the Pittsburgh Steelers
  2. The Buffalo Bills beat the Houston Texans
  3. The New Orleans Saints defeat the Cincinnati Bengals
If these three things happen, the Browns could potentially be tied for the ninth spot in the AFC. And, if the following results happen this week as well:
  1. Chicago Bears defeat the New York Jets
  2. Oakland Raiders beat the Kansas City Chiefs
  3. New York Giants defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars
Guess what would happen? The Browns would be one game behind the sixth wildcard spot. And, to make things better, we would already own one tiebreaker victory over the Jets. We also face the Chiefs and Bengals in the new few weeks, and winning those games would mean that the Browns would control their own destiny into the sixth wildcard spot, assuming the Jaguars collapse within their quarterback debate. Breaking News Update: Cornerback Leigh Bodden has officially been ruled out for this week's game.