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Jones Wins Award, Perkins Back, Merriman Out

Here are several quick hits on recent news regarding the Cleveland Browns:

  1. Jones Wins Award: For the first time since Anthony Henry did it several years ago in 2001, Browns safety Sean Jones won the defensive player of the week award for the AFC. This is Jones first true full season since being drafted in the second round of the 2004 draft. Jones had two interceptions this past week against the New York Jets, and always seemed to be in the right spot at a critical point of the game.
  2. Perkins Back: The Browns signed Antonio Perkins to the practice squad, a sign that we haven't completely given up on him yet. To make room for Perkins, Andrew Hoffman was placed on the injured reserve.
  3. Browns Catch a Big Break: Remember how we were hoping that Shawne Merriman would start his suspension this week, so that we wouldn't have to face the leading sacker in the NFL this season? Well, he's going to begin that suspension indeed. However, the Chargers other starting linebacker, Shaun Phillips, will also sit out. Phillips is the Chargers second leading sacker with six sacks this season. Merriman has 8.5 sacks. They'll be replaced by linebackers Carlos Polk and Marques Harris. Between the two of them, they only have one start.
  4. Not Another One: Cornerback Daven Holly was at the Cleveland Clinic yesterday with an undisclosed illness. The illness is supposed to be different than Ryan Tucker's, and right now, Holly is expected to be back with the team today.
  5. Northcutt Returning: Browns punt returner/wide receiver Dennis Northcutt was back in pads during practice, a sign that he will probably play this week against the Chargers. After seeing how Joshua Cribbs returns punts, everyone should welcome Northcutt's return to the field. Besides, the hatred on him for his dropped pass (leading to a picked TD) against the Panthers has worn off a little after three weeks.
I'll have my full review, full of more positives than negatives this time, on the Browns-Jets game later tonight.