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Braylon Edwards Calls Out Red Zone Issues

Sick of the Browns being too conservative down near the red zone, especially since that's what someone like Kellen Winslow is supposed to be for? Well, Braylon Edwards is tired of it too. In today's Plain Dealer, there was an article in which Braylon Edwards called out the team regarding the situation. Here are some points that he hit:

"I think the play calling needs to be more aggressive," Edwards said, "and I believe when we get down there (inside the opponent's 20) we're just happy to be there. I think that's how it's been all season."
I definitely have to agree here, as it has been one of my pet peeves. We aren't even attempting passes over the middle, something that almost every team in the league excels in down near the red zone. Last week, J.P. Losman threw a beautiful touchdown pass to Peerless Price near with about ten seconds left in the game, and the pass was a bullet over the middle in the back of the end zone. Any time Frye has a played called near the red zone, we are throwing the ball towards the outside or taking a sack.
Since Davidson took over as coordinator following Maurice Carthon's resignation on Oct. 23, the Browns have scored four TDS in 13 trips into the red zone. Under Carthon, Cleveland went 9-for-16 on red zone visits.
This is hard to explain, because I truly do believe the playcalling has improved without Carthon. However, Jeff Davidson definitely needs to take more risks when given the opportunity. I appreciate his faith in our defense to the point where he thinks we only need field goals, but how about having faith that our offense can execute when given the plays? With that said, here are some quick hits before Thanksgiving tomorrow:
  1. Getting Healthy: Both running back Reuben Droughns and cornerback Leigh Bodden are prepared to play this week it seems. Droughns could actually have a big day considering the yards the Bengals are giving up, and Bodden wants to be the first person to shut Chad Johnson down since the Bengals have decided to finally "give him the football".
  2. Throwback Uniforms: This weekend, we'll get to enjoy the Browns playing in some throwback uniforms. There will be numbers on both sides of the players' helmets, with only a single white stripe on them. They will also wear socks with brown, white, and orange stripes. The uniforms will resemble what the team wore from 1957 to 1959.
  3. Another Receiver Down: The Browns have taken down another receiver. Steelers receiver Hines Ward is questionable for this week's game against the Ravens with a hyperextended knee due to a shot he took from the Browns in the fourth quarter of the game.
In case any of you don't check out Dawgs By Nature tomorrow, I'd like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving - and don't forget to shop for all of the treasures on sale on Black Friday.