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SURPRISE! - Another Staph Infection

I apologize for the lack of updates, as I was feeling a little under the weather over the weekend (and believe it or not, it didn't have to do with the Browns being embarrassed by Pittsburgh). I'm not sure if I'm going to review that game since it's already been several days since it, and quite frankly, the we already know what happened. I'll probably use my time to write something on how we can improve for this week's game against the Ravens, and that would include doing something about Dennis Northcutt.

  1. Tons of Cash: In the offseason, the Cleveland Browns will have quite a large amount of money to spend on players in free agency, and towards re-signing some of their own problems. Cleveland will roughly have the fifth most amount to spend in salary cap with $33.3 million, which trails the Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers, and Tennessee Titans. Ironically, all of those teams are known as not being so dominant in recent years, just like the Browns. All of them will probably make a push towards one or two key players in the offseason, and if we're trying to sign an offensive lineman, the Cardinals could be the team that's tough to beat out.
  2. The following players will be unrestricted free agents after this season: Cosey Coleman, Hank Fraley, Lennie Friedman, Alvin McKinley, Nick Eason, Ralph Brown, Dennis Northcutt, and Brain Russell. Out of those players, I would like to keep Russell as the starting safety and bring back Fraley as our utility lineman, especially if LeCharles Bentley has his second surgery. And, believe it or not, there's one more player I wouldn't mind back if he were to sign for really cheap: Northcutt.
  3. Roye Finished for Season: Always being one of our best defensive players to always show up, Orpheus Roye will miss the rest of the season after being placed on the injured reserve with an MCL injury. Roye will let it heal on its own, and he will not require surgery. To fill Roye's roster spot, the Browns signed defensive lineman Orien Harris off of the Pittsburgh Steelers' practice squad. If I remember correctly, Harris was actually a high that was highly rated at one point before this year's draft. He was taken in the fourth round by the Steelers.
  4. Ditto for Russell: Safety Brian Russell will also miss the rest of the season due to a skin infection in his right elbow, which probably means another team staff infection. At the moment, it hasn't been announced who will take his spot on the roster, but my guess would be Antonio Perkins, simply for his depth in the secondary.
  5. Facing His Old Team: At the moment, it doesn't look good for Charlie Frye to play in this week's game against the Baltimore Ravens. He still has not thrown the ball since leaving the game against the Kansas City Chiefs and still has pain in his wrist when he tries to throw the football. Of course, if he doesn't play, Derek Anderson would get his second straight start. If our receivers hold onto the football against Baltimore, we could actually have a decent offensive game. However, with a repeat receiver performance like we saw Thursday against the Steelers, the Ravens will probably turn every tipped pass into pick sixes - they're good at making those plays.
If the season ended today, I believe the Browns would have the seventh overall pick in the draft. If Troy Smith is on the board at that point, I'd still probably pass on him. In know guys like Vince Young and Matt Leinart are doing well this season, but Cleveland needs to focus on getting a good offensive line and a good defensive line. I'm sure we would be amazed at how much better the rest of our units would respond with even a slight upgrade on either side of the line. I also feel like the Browns need to just "settle" on a quarterback already - aren't we sick of changing quarterbacks every year? One second Couch was our leader, then Holcomb was the savior, then Garcia was the veteran to get to the playoffs, then McCown was the young guy who we were going to bring light sabers to the stadium for, then Dilfer was the mentor for Frye, and now people Frye to be replaced. Before even thinking about Smith, Derek Anderson is already challenging him for the quarterback job already...ugh. Update [2006-12-11 20:18:52 by ChrisPokorny]: The Browns signed safety Ben Emanuel II after placing Russell on the IR. Emanuel was a fifth-round draft pick by the Carolina Panthers last season, but did not make their team. He did play in 11 games for the 49ers last season, recording 39 tackles with half of a sack and an interception. He did not play a down in the NFL this season. He was a free-agent, and we signed him to a two-year deal.