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Browns' Rookie Linebacker Done for Season

We knew that Orpheus Roye and Brian Russell were done for the season, but can you guess which other defender now has the same fate in all likelihood? If you somehow guessed rookie linebacker Kamerion Wimbley, then you're wrong. It is a rookie linebacker though, and that would be D'Qwell Jackson. Jackson had surgery Thursday morning to repair a turf toe that he suffered against the Pittsburgh Steelers last Thursday. He will probably be placed on the injured reserve before Sunday's game.

  1. Jackson's Replacement: Browns head coach Romeo Crennel announced that rookie linebacker Leon Williams would replace Jackson this Sunday. Maybe it's because it's so late in the season and we want to get him the experience, but why isn't Chaun Thompson filling in for Jackson? Thompson seems to be a lost soul on the Browns this season. Heck, if you asked most people, they probably wouldn't even know he was still on the team. We'll certainly be tested in stopping Jamal Lewis without three of our defensive starters (technically, it is four if you count Gary Baxter).
  2. All Signs Point to Anderson: As of today, all signs still point to Derek Anderson starting this Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens. I'm sure if the Browns were competing for a playoff spot, Charlie Frye may try to gut it out. However, he's obviously still in pain and can't throw the football comfortably, so there's no sense in risking anything. Anderson will be facing the team that drafted him last season. Baltimore tried to waive him, presumably to place him on their practice squad. The Browns claimed him off waivers just before the deadline. Anderson is excited about the game, but he'll need to be very careful. We all know Anderson has looked good with how he's played so far, but he'll have about three passes a game that make you go "whoa, that was way off the mark." Baltimore is a defense that always seems to be in the right spot when ducks are thrown, and it won't help if our receivers drop the football.
  3. Northcutt's Excuse: I give credit to Dennis Northcutt for not making excuses I supposed. He suffered a separated shoulder on his first punt return against the Steelers, contrary to my belief that the shoulder injury was just an excuse to not have him play this week. Unfortunately, Joshua Cribbs is now going to replace Northcutt on punt returns, and we all know how disastrous that was earlier this season. Hopefully, Cribbs has picked up on a few things in practice regarding the fielding of a punt. Also, Travis Wilson has probably had his busiest work week of the season, which is a positive sign of him being active for this week's game. However, don't be surprised if he didn't play too much. Cribbs or Northcutt are usually our third/fourth receivers, and their are times when we don't see either of them on the field for most of the game. Northcutt also expects teams to be interested in him in free agency, and I'd imagine they would be. I've seen too many Antwaan Randle El's and Chad Morton's get deals due their return ability alone.
  4. Andruzzi Out: Offensive lineman Joe Andruzzi is doubtful this week with a knee injury. I know, big loss.
Just remember guys, the Browns responded well after our last blowout. That's really not a positive way to get hyped for this week's game, but at least we'll get a look at some of our players in some different roles perhaps (Williams at LB, Wilson at WR, Cribbs on PR). By the way, anyone hearing my cry for Isaac Sowells yet? Was there a reason we drafted him in the fourth round, besides keeping him on the bench all season long? Ugh...