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Where Will Andruzzi be Next Season?

In today's Akron Beacon Journal, Patrick McManamon discusses Romeo's love for offensive guard Joe Andruzzi. As Browns fans, we know that Andruzzi's gameplay has been pretty bad this season, and we were looking forward to possibly having a new guard next season. However, the chances of us getting a whole new offensive line are doubtful. We aren't going to re-sign Cosey Coleman, and Kevin Shaffer won't be going anywhere. Andruzzi still has two years left on his contract with us, and with our questionability at center and right tackle, you can't expect the Browns to simply let him go. The only alternative would be if we award Isaac Sowells with one of the guard positions next season and then signed a big-name free agent, leaving Andruzzi as the veteran backup.

  1. Winslow was fined $5,000
    Northcutt Will Play?: Throughout the week, I was getting the vibe that Dennis Northcutt would not play this Sunday due to his shoulder injury. With the increased reps for Travis Wilson as well, I was certain that we would see him on the field. So, you'd understand why I was a little puzzled when I saw this in McManamon's report: "Wide receiver Dennis Northcutt has practiced all week with a sore shoulder and should play Sunday, Crennel said." At this point of the season, we have absolutely nothing to lose by playing Wilson ahead of Northcutt...I'll be very upset if Travis in inactive this week.
  2. Winslow Fined: Browns tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. was fined $5,000 by the NFL for his late hit on Steelers linebacker James Farrior during our last game. I've seen some fans say things like "he gets the rivalry!" while others believe it wasn't a wise move. I'm with the crowd that supports the NFL in fining Winslow for that hit. The play was over without question, and everyone around the NFL viewed it as Winslow being an asshole rather than "understanding the rivalry".
  3. Injury Report: Cornerback Leigh Bodden is supposedly 75% only with a high ankle sprain. As much as I hate to say it, I think we should just place Bodden on the injured reserve already. He's had this ankle sprain for half the season already, and we're only prolonging the injury every time we have him practice or play on game day. Andruzzi is doubtful to play Sunday, and Lennie Friedman would replace him on the line. Again, where is Isaac Sowells?
  4. My Answer: Maybe this is my answer as to why Sowells and Wilson haven't played:
    Crennel said he won't play rookies and first-year players just for the sake of seeing what they can do.

    "Every situation is different and each coach has to look at his situation and do what he thinks is best for the team," Crennel said.

    "I've always put a premium on winning the games and I would much rather win than to experiment with the young guys. If the situation arises that gave me the opportunity to experiment, then I would. Winning the game is the first priority."

    Give me a break...just play them already.
The game-day preview for tomorrow's Browns/Ravens game will be online soon.