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Figuring Out the Browns' WR Situation

After not being able to report for several days due to my phone connection being down, I'm happy to report that I am back online. Now then, what was I not able to report during my absence? It was mainly the same thing as usual this season we've been hearing every week: the status of Romeo Crennel being our head coach next season, hearing which starters were placed on the injured reserve, and hearing which young players may receive an ounce of playing time at some point or another.

In terms of tomorrow's game, we already know that Ken Dorsey will be our starting quarterback. Sounds painful, doesn't it? In the preseason, we clearly saw the type of quarterback that Dorsey was: someone who had to rely on short passes over the middle if he were to have any success moving the football. That may not be such a bad thing though, because that's exactly what Derek Anderson did when he had success during his string of games. The biggest question for this game is simple - who will Dorsey have available to throw the football to?

There were originally rumors that Crennel would punish Braylon Edwards again by sitting him early, but that may not be an option now. If Edwards was benched this week, would we simply put in the starters from last week? Let's check out why that wouldn't work:

  • Joe Jurevicius: He is arguably our best receiver, but he was downgraded to doubtful on Friday after suffering a concussion last week. The chances of him playing, let alone starting, are very slim.
  • Dennis Northcutt: It will probably be his last game with the Browns, but he may not even be able to go. He strained his quad muscle on Friday and sat out of practice because of it.
Who do we have beyond that? Let's take a look at the great group of experienced players Dorsey will have to look towards.
  • Travis Wilson: We've been calling for the "best receiver in the draft" to receive some playing time this entire season. After catching one pass two weeks ago, he was targeted twice last week on plays that sailed way out of bounds. In practice this week, Wilson was actually in the second receiver's role opposite of Edwards, and could make the first start of his career against the Texans.
  • Joshua Cribbs: Then again, Wilson may have only been getting practice because Cribbs was excused from practice on a personal matter. Unfortunately, Cribbs has shown signs this season that he is still raw. Every time he tries to make a catch down the field, he usually dives and can't come up with it. It's sort of the same stiff, scary feeling you get when he tries to return a punt.
  • Kendrick Mosley: He was promoted from the practice squad after Cosey Coleman was placed on the injured reserve, and there is actually a chance that Mosley could be active for the game. Mosley showed some positive signs in the preseason, and is another guy I'd definitely like to get a look at with Northcutt not returning next season. Also, Dorsey may have thrown the ball to Mosley more often than he did other receivers in practice.
Now, some people hope that Charlie Frye will play a little this Sunday. I would actually like to see him play, because right now, he gives us the best chance to win. However, I highly doubt that he'll even have pads on during the game. In another issue this Sunday, Isaac Sowells is behind Rob Smith on the depth chart, and probably won't play. I would be fine if Crennel just came out and said that Sowells needed some work, but he just dances around the issue too much and doesn't seem to offer anything of a valid explanation regarding why he's not playing. I swear, the Browns are the most conservative team in the NFL when it comes to playing certain rookies. We'll play any free agent that comes off the street, but we won't give a shot to our third- and fourth-round picks. Makes sense.