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How's THAT For A Comeback?

We kept looking at each other just to make sure somebody else in the room was seeing the same thing we were.

"Um...was that-"
"Yeah, that was-"
"O-okay, just making sure-"
"Yeah, I saw that, too."

A short conversation of nothingness played and replayed in every household tuned in to the Cleveland Browns-Kansas City Chiefs game Sunday. After having watched every painful second of every Browns game this season, Derek Anderson looked almost we were all just sitting there making this up in our own heads.

But even the best pot doesn't make you delusional, and there's no way all four of us would have had the same daydream, so it must be true. A field goal by Phil Dawson won the game in overtime after the back-up quarterback throws two touchdowns in 9 minutes and breaks a tackle to make the longest run of the game by any Browns player.
Kansas City's defense figured out the hard way 6'6" is a lot to bring down and the conversations beginning with "Um...was that-" started. And we were all correct.

Why, yes, that was Steve Heiden with two touchdowns.

Why, yes, that was Josh Cribbs behind the center doing his old job.

Why, yes, that was Simon Fraser knocking the ball out of Trent Green's hands.

You didn't imagine that....

Speaking of Simon Fraser, this guy is quickly becoming one of my favourite players on the team. Ohio State, 'nuff said around here; though because I don't watch college football, I just figured that out a few minutes ago. Every time there's a big play on defense, they're saying his name. The two hits on Roethlisberger after he got picked off, though it cost us points, was worth it. ;)