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Browns Sign LB McGinest; Interest in Carter

The Browns made their final "major" signing of free agency, and it was a big one indeed - Willie McGinest!

McGinest signed a three-year, $12 million contract with the Browns on Wednesday. The deal includes $6 million in guarantees and bonuses.

The 34-year-old linebacker spent seven seasons with Crennel in New England, including four with Crennel as defensive coordinator.

"He's a big reason why I came," McGinest said. "He's like a father. He makes you feel comfortable and gives you that family atmosphere."

McGinest looked a bit out of place holding a No. 55 Browns jersey and said it seemed odd. He said he held no animosity toward New England for releasing him and looked forward to helping build the Browns into a winner.

"I didn't want to go to a team to sign a contract and get some money," said McGinest, wearing a Browns cap. "I wanted to be a part of a family. They made me feel like family. They made me feel needed, like I could come in and help them."
- Joe Milicia, Associated Press

This is huge in the sense that we finally have an experienced pass rusher as well as another credible free-agent that Phil Savage has been able to bring in. In the Plain Dealer this morning, it stated that the Browns had some interest in former Giants receiver Tim Carter and Ravens tight end Darnell Dinkins. If we sign either of them, it won't make too much of an impact, but I suppose we do need another tight end after the departure of Aaron Shea. We need a blocking tight end though, which could actually be a position we may try and fill in the later rounds of the draft.