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Deal in the Works for Crocker?

Yesterday, the Browns cut defensive lineman Amon Gordon, offensive lineman Lewis Dawson, and long snapper Jody Littleton. None of them will be a major loss, since Gordon and Dawson were shipped to the injured reserve list the past few seasons. Littleton was only signed after Ryan Pontbriand was injured for the final five games of the season.

There is some newsworthy ongoings regarding the Browns though, as it appears we are very close to trading Chris Crocker.

The Browns are in the process of acquiring a fourth-round draft pick from the Atlanta Falcons in exchange for safety Chris Crocker. The deal is contingent on Crocker passing a physical on Monday.
- Tony Grossi, Plain Dealer Reporter

Personally, I wouldn't mind the trade because Savage has already convinced me that he knows what he is doing. If he truly felt that Crocker would be a key to our future, he would not give him up for a fourth-round pick. Brodney Pool and Sean Jones would have to be the people competing for the starting strong safety spot next season. Does that mean that Brian Russell will be starting still at free safety?

And in one other tidbit, the Denver Broncos have all but finalized the formation of the "Browns" defensive line:

Kenard Lang became the fifth Browns defensive lineman in two years to rejoin former defensive line coach Andre Patterson when he signed a three-year contract Friday with the Denver Broncos.
- Tony Grossi, Plain Dealer Reporter

I've always liked Lang, as have many fans in Cleveland, so I wish him the best of luck. He made a sacrifice last year by losing all of that weight as well as trying to be a linebacker, so you have to appreciate the work ethic that he always brought.

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