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Welcome to Dawgs By Nature!

We've all been through it. The past few years, the Cleveland Browns have been considered by many as a laughingstock after very few of our draft picks turned out well, our poor coaching, and our helmet tossing before the final play is blown dead. No matter what happens though, we stick by our team. If a player screws up, sure we'll be pissed off, but we stand by our Browns whether we're 3-10 or 10-3. We can't help it - we're Dawgs by Nature.

Welcome to DawgsByNature.Com, the home of the football site for the Browns fans to speak their mind freely! I know that my hometown is dedicated to the Browns all year long. Even now, when the Indians are about to start playing and the Cavaliers are in the middle of another post-All Star break slump, people can't stop talking about who the Browns will take in the draft and sign for free agency. As far as I'm concerned, the football season never truly ends, and that's exactly what you'll see at this site. There is something newsworthy about the Browns every single day, whether it's about a huge signing or a minor release.

Now, I'll quickly mention something about myself. My name is Chris Pokorny, and I've been a Browns fan all my life. I currently operate two other websites, but it's an honor to be writing for Sports Blog Nation about a team with so much history. I will also be joined by a female blogger soon who is also a huge Browns fan, and I'm sure she will introduce herself to you in the coming days.

Ultimately though, YOU, the fans, are the ones that will make this website a success. Any time there is a news story posted, feel free to comment on it! Just create an account and you'll be set to go. The more comments that are posted on a daily basis, the more we'll have to talk about. We are the greatest fans in the league, and it shows by the loyal Browns Backers that we have around the world. I hope that you enjoy the site, and please bookmark this site so that you can return to it every single day!