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Where Do We Go From Here?

Recent free agent signings by the Cleveland Browns have had the feel of a pre-Oscar party: all the stars are out and everybody's talking about winning.  With names like McGinest and Jurevicius on your roster, it's hard not to think on championship terms.

Every Browns fan has a "what-I'd-do-if-I-was-in-charge" opinion.  So what do we do now?  Certain holes are now sealed on the team, that should change the focus of the draft...or not?  Do we draft the best player and look for a trade or do we draft for what we still need?  Where do we go from here?

In the spirit of "you-heard-it-here-first" journalism, I invite Browns fans to make your predictions here for who you think Cleveland should take on Draft Day based on the success we've had with free agency this year.

My two-cents' worth, a penny for each pick:

Max-Jean Gilles - G, Georgia:  He's the highest-rated guard in the draft; I think he'd be a great compliment to Andruzzi.  At 6'3", 340 lbs., he'd be a "sizeable" support to Reuben Droughns's running game .  He has earned a reputation in the SEC as a fabulous run-blocker.

A.J. Hawk - LB, Ohio State:  Yeah, I know, he won't be undrafted by the time we pick at #12, but it's nice to put it in my peace pipe and smoke it anyway.

Okay, Browns fans, fire away.....