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Good Old Lang Campbell

Two small tidbits on the Cleveland Browns today regarding an offensive lineman and a quarterback:

Browns | Campbell named NFLE Player of the Week

Cleveland Browns QB Lang Campbell was named NFL Europe Offensive Player of the Week honors after leading the Berlin Thunder to a 33-29 victory over the Amsterdam Admirals. Campbell completed 16-of-26 passes for 139 yards, one TD and a 88.5 quarterback rating.

If you usually do not watch NFL Europe, check out any of the Browns players that are over there. Campbell obviously made some noise, even if the statistics don't look overly impressive. Frye and Dilfer will definitely have roster spots when the season starts, but there's a good chance that Campbell could compete for the third spot if he continues to perform.

Browns | Chambers re-signed

The Cleveland Browns have announced the team has re-signed free agent OT Kirk Chambers to a one-year contract. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Although Chambers has yet to make an impact yet, he is one of the few people that have survived from the "Butch Davis" era of drafts. The Browns may be expecting him to step up and be the backup for either left or right tackle this season. With Nat Dorsey already set as a backup, I am still expecting Jeff Faine to be traded soon. If we are able to get a third-round pick for him, we would be doubled up in the third and fourth rounds. That could allow us to trade a third and fourth rounder to someone on draft day to possibly gain another pick in the second round.