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It All Begins Tomorrow...

Not a whole lot of news this Sunday afternoon, but that should change starting tomorrow.

Now the deadline has been extended until midnight tonight and an 11th-hour agreement -- isn't that what everyone expected all along? -- is possible.

That means the cap likely will rise to $104 million, which gives the Browns more room but gives 31 other teams more room, as well.

With an agreement, teams will have more ability to keep their players, so fewer good players will be released.
-Patrick McManamon of the Akron Beacon Journal

Which situation would be better? As McManamon stated, you'd love for the Browns to have more money to spend. On the same note though, that will allow other teams to re-sign some players that could have potentially been released. The Browns will still be looking to re-sign L.J. Shelton before the deadline, so there's a chance that I could be back with an update on his situation a little later.

Update [2006-3-5 21:33:34 by ChrisPokorny]: The deadline to get under the cap has been moved to 11:30pm EST.