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Dilfer Named Browns Starting QB

The Cleveland Browns have named Trent Dilfer their starting quarterback, in a move that is very surprising after the team began to develop Charlie Frye last year. Browns' head coach Romeo Crennel believes that the Browns have made enough offensive and defensive additions in the offseason to the point where Dilfer can now succeed at his position.

"We believe this is the best direction for our football team heading into the draft and next season. [Charlie] Frye will still have a chance to overtake him in training camp if he continues to progress," said Crennel.
- PFC Wire News

Dilfer had a very average season last year, but apparently Crennel believes he did very well under the conditions he played in. Braylon Edwards was not seeing a lot of playing time with Dilfer, and he did not have a veteran receiver like Joe Jurevicius to rely on. Also, Dilfer will have Kellen Winslow Jr. at the tight end position as well as a Pro Bowl center to help protect blitzes from the middle. Dilfer often had fumble problems last year, which will hopefully be fixed by the team's editions to the offensive line.

BOO! Did we catch you? You just knew we had to do something for April Fool's Day.

On a side note, things are looking good for Cleveland sports right now. The Cavaliers are riding strong into the playoffs, and the Indians play their first game of the season tomorrow. Check out LetsGoTribe for the latest news on the Indians too!