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Analyzing My Own Mock Draft

Over at my general NFL website, I have finally finished my mock draft of the first round. Well, two hours after publishing it, the 49ers traded for Denver's 22nd overall pick. Back to the drawing boards? Na, I just left the 49ers taking the same player as Denver would have at that spot.

Anyway, I'm going to analyze a little more about who I have the Browns selecting, and that would be DT Broderick Bunkley.
The Browns have already made some outstanding offensive and defensive acquisitions in the offseason, including DT Ted Washington. Washington is old though, and the team needs to develop a young defensive tackle that'll plug the line for years to come. Ngata and Bunkley are probably the most realistic to go to the Browns, but it's possible that they'll add a linebacker instead. - Chris Pokorny,
When it comes down to it, the Browns have made it clear that Ted Washington will only play about half of the game due to his age. We need to develop someone young at the position, and Bunkley can also shift over to defensive end. Haloti Ngata is another possibility for us, but I have the St. Louis Rams taking him right before us. I'm not sure is that'll happen, since they have an interest in CB Jimmy Williams. That left me in a predicament with the Ravens below us. Would they really take DT Gabe Watson, who's really not rated that high? If the Rams take Williams, I have a feeling the Browns will still take Bunkley, and Ngata will pass down to the Ravens. If, by chance, the Browns take Ngata instead, Bunkley will either be with the Rams or the Ravens. However, you never know if the Buffalo Bills will snag Ngata instead. If that happens and the Rams take Bunkley, my bet would be on the Browns taking LB Ernie Sims. So many scenarios, aren't there? By the way, fellow SB Nation site Windy City Gridiron, which covers the Chicago Bears, also has us taking Bunkley in their mock draft.