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Let's Be Real: Frye Will Start

There is some more talk in the Plain Dealer today about our quarterback situation. Although Crennel did not hand the job to Charlie Frye yet, I think it's safe to say that he will be our starting quarterback next year. Crennel knows that the fans want Frye, but even without basing his decision on the fans, Dilfer is best suited as a backup now. Frye also needs to be awared the job quickly so that he can focus on building chemistry with Kellen Winslow Jr. and Joe Jurevicius. If he is too busy worrying about Dilfer, I think the result will only be counterproductive rather than motivating. Also, Frye is more of a quarterback who shows up on gameday in crunch time, so will we really get a proper analyzation of him in training camp?

In other news, Randy Lerner has reassured Browns fans on what our uniforms will appear like this season:

Traditionalists will get their wish this year. Browns owner Randy Lerner is bringing back the team's old duds for next season, including gray face masks, original striping on jersey sleeves and the old, darker shade of brown. The team will wear only white pants and alternate between brown and white jerseys - never orange. "This is not about branding. This is about the Cleveland Browns," Lerner said.
- Tony Grossi, Cleveland Plain Dealer

It should be interesting to see how it turns it. I thought the orange jerseys were kind of nice for a game or two out of the season. Now, we'll be back to the good old days though, right?