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Spotlight: Haloti Ngata

The Plain Dealer has a nice article in the paper this morning on DT Haloti Ngata, one of the players the Browns could be selecting in next week's draft. The article discusses the hardships faced by Ngata throughout his life.

Ngata, widely regarded as the top defensive tackle in the draft, is one of a handful of front-seven players the Browns are seriously considering with their No. 12 pick in the first round, including Florida State tackle Brodrick Bunkley and Seminoles teammate Kamerion Wimbley, an end who projects as an outside linebacker in a 3-4. All three were invited to Cleveland for pre-draft visits.
- Mary Kay Cabot, Cleveland Plain Dealer
Here is some general information about Ngata:

Name: Haloti Ngata
College: Oregon
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 338 lbs.
Position: Nose Tackle

Scouting Information: Haloti Ngata was considered the top defensive tackle in the country coming out of high school, and he lived up to his hype. Ngata attended the University of Oregon and became their starting defensive tackle in the fifth game of his freshman season. He tore his ACL during the first game of his sophomore season, questioning if he would ever be the same. He came back his junior season and did very well.

Ngata us the complete package when it comes to a team searching for a future franchise defensive tackle. He has great size at 6'5", 338 pounds, strength, and athleticism. His reaction when the ball is snapped is great, and was often able to get the first step on an offensive lineman in college. His strength allowed him to simply push the offensive lineman back towards the quarterback. He is quick enough to catch most of the average running quarterbacks and will not let them slip away from him once he has a hand on them. Ngata will draw the double team more times than not. He is very smart and has very few problems when it comes to playing football.

In the coming days, we will try to explore DT Broderick Bunkley as well as a few linebackers the Browns may be interested in.