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Arrington Signing Helps the Browns?

Could the signing of LaVar Arrington by the New York Giants directly benefit the Browns in the draft? Obviously, Browns fans would absolutely love for a highly-rated linebacker to fall to the early part of the second round of the draft. Here are the highest rated linebackers in the draft, and where I expected them to be selected before the Arrington signing:

  1. A.J. Hawk - Green Bay Packers
  2. Ernie Sims - Philadelphia Eagles
  3. Kamerion Wimbley - Dallas Cowboys
  4. Chad Greenway - New York Giants
  5. DeMeco Ryans - Jacksonville Jaguars
Not chosen: Thomas Howard, Bobby Carpenter, D'Qwell Jackson, Abdul Hodge

Before the Arrington signing, Howard and Carpenter could very well have been selected by the Carolina Panthers. However, let's say that the Giants feel they no longer need a linebacker in the first round after signing Arrington and LB Brandon Short. Now, the Jaguars have to decide if they want Greenway or Ryans. For the simple fact that two linebackers of their caliber are still on the board will push Howard and Carpenter down to the second round perhaps, meaning Hodge and Jackson also have a better shot of still being available. Obviously it'd be great to have our Ohio Stater Carpenter fall into our hands, but even if he doesn't, a fairly good market could potentially be available.

Of course, the Giants could decide they still need help at linebacker, and still take Greenway.

And one more thing before I go. I'd like to give huge props to the Cleveland Cavaliers, who made our city proud in that outstanding Game 1 performance against the Washington Wizards.