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Things Are Going to Get Nuts Tomorrow

It should be another wild draft tomorrow, so expect the unexpected. Just look at everything that's happened recently:

-For months, the Texans were going to take Reggie Bush 100%. Now all of a sudden, Mario Williams is in the mix. If Bush isn't taken number one, everything else could turn into chaos(meaning, mock drafts will go to waste).

-Matt Leinart's stock is supposedly "falling". I don't believe it, I'm still banking on him going third overall to the Titans. If that's not where he goes though, imagine what team will end up with him?

-The Ravens may trade their 13th overall pick, especially if Bunkley and Ngata are already gone at that point. I would have to agree with them in that case.

We'll have full scouting reports on the players that the Browns draft tomorrow and Sunday, as well as any late-breaking trades in regards to the Browns. If you're interested, my pick is still that we will take Brodrick Bunkley in the first round, and then Bobby Carpenter in the second round.