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Browns Pass on Watson/Gilles, Take a Receiver

With the fourteenth pick of the third round and the 78th pick overall, the Cleveland Browns select wide receiver Travis Wilson of Oklahoma. I know a lot of fans were hoping that we would select offensive guard Max-Jean Gilles or defensive tackle Gabe Watson here, and you guys reacted over at the Dawg Talk Message Boards. However, I think some people overreacted way too much. How can some people say that Phil Savage does not know what he is doing? The only way you can make a statement like that is at least two years after they were drafted in my opinion.

Now, day one of drafting is over, and guess what? Gilles and Watson are still on the board. Now, I don't think it's simply "luck" that they weren't selected. All 32 teams in the NFL have to know something about both players not to select them on day one. However, on day two, I expect whichever team that selects them to feel that they received a "steal" due to their original potential.

Now, Wilson on the other hand, was projected to be selected on day two. Based on the pick, it looks like Wilson is a guy who we plan on starting in three years. Once Joe Jurevicius is done with the Browns, Northcutt will probably be long gone, and it's unlikely that Frisman Jackson, Brandon Rideau, or Joshua Cribbs will become starters.

I'll try to have more analysis on our draft picks on Sunday or Monday. I'd like to mention that Cincy Jungle, our Bengals blogger, did a terrific job on outlining the events that occured in the first round. Hop over there and check it out.

As for tomorrow, I think the Browns will try to pursue a defensive tackle, a running back, and an offensive lineman on day two at least.