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LeCharles Bentley Switching to Guard?

Here are some interesting notes that Terrelle Smith mentioned regarding LeCharles Bentley.

Browns | T. Smith thinks Bentley can help at guard

Tom Reed, of the Akron Beacon Journal, reports Cleveland Browns FB Terrelle Smith suggested that OL LeCharles Bentley's skills and mentality might make him better suited to play guard for the Browns. He made the comments on the first day of Browns' offseason conditioning Monday, April 3. Smith also gave those assuming that the Browns will play Bentley at center something to remember: Bentley was a Pro Bowl guard, as well. Most believe that the Browns intend to use Bentley (6-foot-2, 313 pounds) at center. Smith, a teammate of Bentley's for two seasons in New Orleans, said the Cleveland native brought a "seek and destroy" mentality to playing guard. He recalled devastating blocks Bentley leveled when he was used as pulling guard.
- Beacon Journal

Before and after signing Bentley, I was thinking the same thing. Bentley can be absolutely dominating as a guard, but would that be limiting his potential? A great guard could help the Browns more than a great center perhaps. I'm still up in the air about the possibility of Bentley making the switch again, but let's not forget; Bentley already stated that he will not play guard.

If one person is going to change Bentley's mind though, I guarantee you it'll be Smith due to his experience with him in New Orleans.