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A Critical Eye On Cleveland's DLBs

Interesting article on about how the Browns should continue looking into linebacker improvements:

One solution for replacing Taylor would be to move OLB Matt Stewart inside. Stewart joined the Browns from Atlanta last year and shared time with now departed Kenard Lang. Stewart is about the same size as Taylor, but is definitely better against the run. Conversely he is not as good in the passing game as Taylor..

...There may still be some guys released in June, but more then likely the Browns would not wait that late in the year to address a glaring need. Some guys that are still available that could be of interest to the Browns are: Jamie Winborn, Sam Cowart and Jamie Sharper. Of all these guys Winborn is probably the most attractive due to his age and his experience in the 3-4 while in San Francisco, but his injury history is a glaring concern.

...pick up an ILB in the NFL draft. This draft is deep at the LB position and even though the team needs to have another OLB, someone to groom behind McGinest, they need a run stuffing ILB even more. The top guy on the Browns wish list is more then likely Iowa's Abdul Hodge. Hodge had a huge Junior year with the Hawkeyes and many though he was the best LB in college at that time. His senior season was nothing to cry over, but he did not have the impact that he had the year prior. Hodge has decent size at 6'1" and 233 pounds and ran the 40 in the 4.6's, but could stand to get a bit bigger, He has good strength for his size and is a sure tackler who hits like a ton of bricks. With Phil Savage and Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz so close, don't be surprised if the Browns jump on Hodge in round two.

Stewart? Winborn? Sharper? Hodge? What do we think?