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Testaverde Back To The Browns?

Interesting story this week at The Orange & Brown Report about the possibility of Vinnie Testaverde returning to the Cleveland Browns in one capacity or another.
The most interesting points:

One possibility if Dorsey does not work out is Vinny Testaverde. Unlike Collins, Testaverde would not expect to start. At 42, he would be a coach in the locker room for Frye. Plus, he showed in a similar role with the Jets.

He would not be expected to start, but if we had to start him, we would???

"There's always a chance (Testaverde could end up with the Browns). Whether he will or not, I'm not sure. That's something I have in the back of my mind, but it's not something I'm looking into." - Romeo Crennel

Isn't that sort of what Phil Savage tried to say about Dilfer a few days before they traded him?