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Retractable Roof for Browns Stadium?

Could there be a roof on Cleveland Browns Stadium in the future?

Tony Coyne reacted during a planning commission meeting Friday, where developer Robert Corna took his crusade for a lightweight, sliding roof that would enable year-round use of the city-owned structure.

It could also put Cleveland in the running for the 50th Super Bowl in 2016, Corna insists. The prominent developer of the Flats west bank pitched to a receptive planning committee of City Council last week and wants to present his plan to all of council Monday night.
- Tom Breckenridge, Cleveland Plain Dealer

When the new stadium was built, I didn't understand why a retractable roof wasn't made already. Imagine how many more events could be held in that stadium, although the only drawback would be a lesser feel for natural weather during certain games.

There hasn't been much Browns news lately, but that'll heat up in the coming weeks due to training camp. Today, however, it's time to focus all of the attention on the Cleveland Cavaliers. It's game seven and the odds are not in our favor anymore, but we simply have to hope for the best. Come on LeBron, show us what you're made of.