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Drama For Your Mama: The NFL Stories To Watch This Coming Season...

1. Terrell Owens vs. Bill Parcells in Dallas:

Cowboys' head coach Bill Parcells has kept low-key so far about what he thinks of TO bringing his game and his mouth to Dallas. I can't wait; Bill Parcells doesn't just shut you up, he SHUTS YOU DOWN. The Cancer's got another thing coming if he thinks he's going to walk all over The Tuna. Look for Parcells to be the clear winner before you ever see the white of Owens' teeth.

2. The Cleveland Browns' new free agents:

Everyone around the league is buzzing about what Cleveland will be like this coming season with the acquisition of really great players during the off-season, like Willie McGinest, Joe Jurevicius, Teddy Washington and LeCharles Bentley. It is also the "test" season for head coach Romeo Crennel, a Parcells/Belichick prodigy now running the show his way in C-Town.

3. The Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre's last season:

It will most likely be his final stab at glory with a team more than loyal enough to earn it for him. And yes, every game will be "about" Brett Favre.  The cord is being cut, these things take time to heal.

4. Carson Palmer:

The devastating knee injury that ended the season for him and subsequently, the Cincinnati Bengals' season last year, will be a thing of the past. See if Carson gets his payback against the Football-Gods who let it happen.

5. Daunte Culpepper in Miami:

The troubled Minnesota Vikings' QB flies south to Miami, Florida. Questions still remain as to his involvement in the "Love Boat" scandal, and other questions remain about the shape his knee will be in by the beginning of the season.