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Dilfer Shipped Off to San Francisco

Say goodbye to Trent Dilfer. Do we miss him? Well, he did have that one great ending against the Chicago Bears, throwing two fourth-quarter touchdowns to Antonio Bryant. For that to be his only real accomplishment though, don't let the door hit you on the way out for all of the bickering that you did. We brought in Dilfer as a veteran presence, hoping that he could mentor Charlie Frye. Instead, he turned into a whiner who was almost demanding that he become the starter again.

Trading Dilfer gives us a decent backup quarterback in Dorsey, as well as a draft pick. I have to imagine we'll sign a "Doug Johnson" type of player before the preseason begins though, so that we can have a veteran who won't have too much of an ego.

Dan Pompei of the Sporting News has a very good article on the Cleveland Browns, and how Phil Savage and the Browns did the smart thing on draft day involving Haloti Ngata. Here is an excerpt:

The clock is ticking down on the Browns. Scouting assistant Bobby Vega, representing the team at the draft headquarters in New York, writes "Haloti Ngata, DT, Oregon" on the card to be turned in to league officials. A Ravens representative sitting nearby sees what Vega has written and reports back to Newsome. What he doesn't see is the Browns' other rep in New York, salary cap assistant Ryan Seelbach, who had "Kamerion Wimbley, OLB, Florida State" written on a second card. In his pocket.

Newsome offers Savage a sixth-round pick, and Savage accepts. The Ravens get their man, Ngata. The Browns get Wimbley, who was on the phone with Crennel. Later, Cleveland uses the sixth-round pick from Baltimore for another front seven piece, nose tackle Babatunde Oshinowo of Stanford.
- Dan Pompei, Sporting News

Hopefully the Browns will find some gems among the undrafted free agents that we've brought in. Last year, Josh Cribbs and Brandon Rideau made a fairly solid impression.